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Working on an elevating work platform EWP brings additional risks. For safe operations, operators need to assess the position of the platform, the total weight of personnel, and many other factors. To ensure that workers follow best practices for EWPs, they must complete the Elevated Work Platform training, Melbourne.


What Is the Operate Elevating Work Platform Course?


The Operate Elevating Work Platform Course provides the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate a boom-type elevating platform with a boom length of fewer than 11 metres. The RIIHAN301E – Operate Elevating Work Platform unit of competency supersedes the RIIHAN301D course. It is a requirement under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act 2000.


This nationally recognised unit of competency includes training and instruction on how to safely operate boom-type elevating work platforms. It does not meet the requirements for operating a platform with a boom length of 11 metres or more and other platforms that qualify as classes of high-risk work. High-risk work may require other training courses, such as the working at heights course.


The RIIHAN301E course focuses on the following types of platforms:


  • Scissor lifts (SL)
  • Vertical lifts (VL)
  • Boom lifts (BL)


Attendees receive training for the EWPA Yellow Card Melbourne and the TSHA Telescopic Gold Card Handler licence. After completing the course, you gain the EWP ticket Melbourne, allowing you to operate and work on any elevating work platform that does not fall under the category of high-risk work activity.


What Qualification Do You Need to Operate EWP in Melbourne?


The WorkSafe Victoria requirements for operating an EWP in Melbourne depending on the type of platform. Some platforms require a high-risk work licence VIC, such as a boom lift with a length of 11 metres or more. If the mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) or the telehandler does not belong to the high-risk category, you may need a Yellow Card or a Gold Card.


The Yellow Card training complies with the requirements of the Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA). The training for an EWPA Yellow Card is designed for MEWPS with boom lengths under 11 metres.


The Gold Card is administered by the Telescopic Handler Association of Australia (THSA). With the THSA Gold Card, you meet the requirements to operate a telehandler.


What Are the Prerequisites for EWP Courses?


Attendees must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid form of photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport. You also need basic English reading and communication skills. As the course involves practical training, you will need to wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes.


What Skills and Knowledge Does the EWP Licence Melbourne Course Provide?


The EWP course provides the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate MEWPs and telehandlers. After successful completion of the course, you gain the ability to assess the risks based on the type of platform, the work setting, and the type of work to be completed.


What Are the Course Outcomes for the EWP Course?


Attendees are trained in the safe operation of an EWP. The learning outcomes include the ability to follow safety procedures when operating or working on an elevated work platform. The unit of competency includes three primary elements:


  1. Planning and preparing for operating an EWP
  2. Safely operating an EWP
  3. Maintaining an EWP


You first learn how to interpret EWP documentation to ensure that work activity complies with site policies and best practices. You also learn how to confirm work requirements, hazards, and risks and implement control measures. The course includes information on the selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and emergency procedures.


Before operating an EWP, you must carry out pre-start inspections and identify any faults or defects. You also need to stabilise or position the EWP to ensure that the work site is free of potential hazards. By completing this course, you also learn how to safely operate an EWP and respond to alarms or monitoring systems.


The final section of the course covers maintenance and housekeeping requirements. You learn how to store, clean, and maintain the equipment and tools associated with the use of an EWP.


How Long Is the Operate EWP Training Melbourne?


The course typically lasts one full day. The duration varies depending on the number of attendees and the specific course curriculum. If you request additional modules, the training program may take longer.


How Much Does the EWP Course Melbourne Cost?


The average cost of the Operate EWP course in Melbourne is $400. As with the duration, the cost depends on the number of attendees. Group discounts may apply. Contact AlertForce to learn more about the Operate EWP course or request an application form.

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