An asbestos removal course in Melbourne provides workers with the knowledge and awareness needed to identify and remove the material asbestos. A statement of attainment is provided after completing the course assuming you are deemed competent. Several classes are available to ensure compliance with OHS requirements.


If you or your staff work in an environment that may include exposure to asbestos, this training is necessary. Failure to comply with OHS regulations may result in penalties and decreases worker safety. Here is everything you should know about your responsibilities and required training for performing asbestos removal.


How Long Does An Asbestos Removal Course in Melbourne last?


The duration depends on the course and class size but typically runs for about eight hours during a single day. However, a couple of the classes require two days of training. There is also an online awareness course that is self-paced.


The Class B CPCCDE3014A and supervise removal CPCCBC4051A require one day of attendance. The Class A CPCCDE3015A and conduct assessment CPCCBC5014A programs both require two days of attendance. Most programs can accommodate up to 15 participants per session.


How Many Levels of Training Are There for Asbestos Removal in Melbourne?


Workers may enrol in several different training courses. Each course is different depending on the type of material covered. Four levels of training exist:


  • CPCCDE3014A Remove non-friable asbestos (Class B)
  • CPCCDE3015A Remove friable asbestos (Class A)
  • CPCCBC4051A Supervise removal
  • CPCCBC5014A Conduct asbestos assessment associated with removal


AlertForce also offers an online asbestos awareness training course. The online course does not meet the requirements for safely for identifying and removing the substance. It addresses safety concerns and acts as a general overview.


Most workers involved in tasks that may include exposure to asbestos take the Class A or Class B course, depending on the type of material they work with. The supervisor or assessor programs are needed for removing the material without direct supervision.


The only prerequisite program is the Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001 course or the preparing to work safely course. Participants also need to comprehend English and possess the physical capacity for the practical components of the course. Classes are taught in English and involve physical tasks.


How Much Does the Training Courses Cost in Melbourne?


The cost of training does not include the goods and services tax (GST). The cost also depends on the course. Here is a breakdown of the current affordable rates at AlertForce:


  • Awareness online course – Free for up to five workers
  • Class B removal – $297
  • Class A removal – $997
  • Supervise removal – $347
  • Conduct assessment – $997


These costs are subject to change.


Do You Need a Licence for Asbestos Removal in Melbourne?


Workers require the necessary licence before removing asbestos if the amount of asbestos-containing material (ACM) exceeds 10 square meters. This applies to bonded (non-friable) material. When removing any friable ACM, workers require a licence.


According to the workplace health and safety regulations, anyone removing the material needs proper information and training to work safely and minimize health risks.


Exposure to this substance is known to lead to a variety of health problems, including lung cancer. The health risks of the material are why it is no longer used in the construction industry.


The proper removal procedures help minimize exposure to the airborne particles. SafeWork Australia states that over 3,000 products contained asbestos before the ban on the substance. A total ban came into effect in 2003.


A licence is now needed to remove the substance. The training gives workers the knowledge needed to identify the fibres and then safely remove them.


You can’t see asbestos fibres with your naked eye. The light fibres also travel easily when disturbed, increasing the risk of exposure when improperly handled.


Even if workers do not need to remove the material, employers need to provide asbestos awareness training in Melbourne to workers who may work around the material. Anyone who works with or near the fibres is required to complete the necessary programs.


How Do You Get an Asbestos Removal Licence in Melbourne?


To obtain a removal licence, you first need to complete the required training course. This includes the initial Class B or Class A course and at least one supervisor course.


There are two main types of asbestos – friable and non-friable. The Class B course covers non-friable material, while the Class A course covers friable material.


Friable asbestos is a material that may turn to powder when crushed or pulverised. This material has a greater risk of exposing individuals to harmful airborne fibres.

Non-friable or bonded asbestos includes solid products, such as sheets of construction material containing the fibres.


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