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Exposure to asbestos fibres increases the risk of lung cancer and other health issues. The Australian government banned the use of the material decades ago. However, you still find it in a variety of construction materials.


Workers involved in fields that include a risk of exposure to the material may need to complete awareness training courses to work safely. Here is everything you should know about these training programs.


Do You Need a Licence for Asbestos Removal in Perth?


You may require a licence to safely remove asbestos-containing material, depending on the type and amount of material.


In Western Australia, you need a licence for removing any amount of friable material. You also need a licence when removing more than 10 square metres of non-friable material.


If the non-friable material measures less than 10 square metres, workers do not need licences. However, employers have a duty of care to provide workers with a reasonably safe work environment.


A licence is not required for less than 10 square metres of non-friable material but training ensures compliance with OHS Act recommendations.


Worksafe WA recognises two types of licences — the unrestricted licence and the restricted asbestos removal licence. The restricted licence is for removing more than 10 metres of non-friable material. The unrestricted is for removing all types of materials measuring less than 10 square metres.


Tradespeople and others who enter work sites where asbestos is found do not need licences if their work does not involve removing the material. However, SafeWork Australia recommends online awareness training to help these individuals detect and avoid exposure.


Besides the removal licences, you may need a licence to supervise removal or conduct an asbestos assessment.


The goal of these courses is to help protect the safety and health of workers by minimising exposure to harmful fibres that may cause asbestosis. According to SafeWork Australia, the symptoms of this lung condition may not appear for 20 to 30 years after initial exposure.


How Do You Get an Asbestos Removal Licence in Perth?


To obtain a licence, you need to take the necessary asbestos removal course Perth through a registered training organisation (RTO) such as AlertForce.


The licence that you need to obtain depends on the type of asbestos that you may encounter. This material falls into two categories — friable and non-friable.
Friable materials easily break down into powder, creating a greater risk of exposure. Non-friable material includes products that were made with asbestos.


RTOs offer two courses to cover the removal of these materials. The Class A course is for removing friable materials while the Class B course covers the removal of non-friable materials.


After completing the necessary course or courses, you complete a formal examination and assessment. You then receive a Statement of Attainment indicating that you have completed this unit of competency. This statement has no expiry date but best practice is refreshers. As a rule two-three years before you need to retake the program.


How Many Levels of Training Are There for Asbestos Removal Training Perth?

Training organisations offer five separate training courses:


  • Receive online awareness training
  • Remove non-friable asbestos (Class B) (CPCCDE3014A)
  • Remove friable materials (Class A) (CPCCDE3015A)
  • Supervise removal (CPCCDE4008)
  • Conduct an assessment (CPCCBC5014A)


The online awareness training does not cover the requirements for obtaining a removal licence. These courses are intended to give tradespeople an overview of how to detect the material and minimise exposure. Workers may need to complete the Class A or Class B licence training course.


In the construction industry, employees often need to remove non-friable asbestos-containing materials. This includes cement products and vinyl floor tiles that were commonly made with asbestos. To safely remove these materials, workers should complete the Class B program.


Friable asbestos includes materials that you can easily reduce to powder, increasing the risk of releasing harmful fibres into the air. To remove these materials, workers need to complete the Class A program. However, workers obtaining the Class A licence often complete both programs.


The supervisor class (CPCCDE4008) is the standard for those who need to plan for removal of the material. Typically, supervisors complete this class to supervise and support workers involved in the removal process.


The supervisor class teaches the steps needed for planning and preparing the work site. It also covers the removal and decontamination processes.


The conduct an assessment class (CPCCB5014A) is for those planning on obtaining assessor licences. This course covers the steps needed for collecting site measurements and completing the monitoring process.


How Much Does Asbestos Awareness Training Perth Cost?


The cost of training depends on the training. At AlertForce, the Class B course costs $297 with no GST. The supervise removal course costs $347. The Class A course and the assessment program both cost $997.


The online course typically costs $66. However, companies may enrol up to five workers for free with no application fee.


How Long Does Training Take in Perth?


As with the cost, the duration depends on the type of training. The Class B program and the supervise removal program are both one-day classes. Attendees complete the program in a single day.


With the Class A and assessment classes, workers attend two days of training. However, the training and assessment times vary according to experience and class size.


If you or your staff need to obtain licences, enrol in the required removal or awareness courses today.

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