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Traffic control training gives you the skills and knowledge needed for controlling traffic in Western Australia.


Those interested in working as traffic controllers need to complete this training. However, there are also jobs that require workers to direct traffic. For example, the construction industry often requires employees to direct vehicles or heavy equipment around the work site.


Whether you want to work as a traffic controller or need to complete this training for your job, review the following details about traffic control training in Perth.


What Is the Definition of Traffic Control Training Perth?


Traffic control training teaches workers how to direct traffic using a stop/slow bat. This course provides the competency required to control the flow of vehicles around work sites. Training provides workers with the skills needed to direct traffic and reduce the risk of injury.


The goal of the training is to help workers maintain safer work environments. Thanks to the training, claims dropped more than 16% between 2012 and 2013. However, the average paid days off for claims has increased.


The training programs cover steps for maintaining safer conditions when the work site involves vehicles or heavy equipment.


Organisations offer two separate nationally recognised programs. RIIWHS205D covers the steps for managing vehicles using a stop/slow bat. RIIWHS302D Basic Worksite Traffic Management (BWTM) covers the steps needed to implement traffic management plans.


During the RIIWHS205D program, you learn how to follow the WHS policies and procedures to safely work on roads. This includes the following topics:


  • Using stopping sight distances properly
  • Responding to sudden changes in road conditions
  • Maintaining incident reports after accidents occur
  • Communicating with other workers using appropriate devices
  • Developing and implementing risk assessments


The RIIWHS205D program also covers recommendations that follow two additional Australian standards. Depending on the program, you may earn units of competency for RIIWHS201D Work Safely and Follow OHS Policies and RIICOM201D Communicate in the Workplace.


Basically, the initial program teaches you how to perform the specific duties related to traffic control. You learn practical skills and theory for managing the flow of vehicles and other objects on a work site. As mentioned, this may include environments other than roads, including shopping centres and warehouses.


How Do I Become a Traffic Controller in Perth?


To become a traffic controller, you need to complete the required programs, including RIIWHS205D Control Traffic with Stop/Slow Bat. AlertForce offers three separate traffic controller programs, including:


  • Basic controller program
  • Implementing control plans
  • Combination program with both courses


These courses also have prerequisites. Before enrolling, you need to obtain a white card. Construction induction training is a mandatory program for those working or entering construction sites. After completing the training, you receive a white card, which replaces the blue card.


Do You Need a Licence for Traffic Control in Perth?


Yes, you need a license to safely direct vehicles. The license is available after you complete the required training program and obtain a statement of attainment. The license remains valid for three years but instead of retaking the initial program, you may complete a refresher course.


As mentioned, workers on construction sites may need to complete this training. In fact, the coming and going of vehicles is a major threat to the safety of workers on many construction sites. Lorries, forklifts, and cranes can pose dangers for anyone working or entering the work site.


Workers may also need to implement traffic management plans at shopping centres, warehouses, and special events.


What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Traffic Controller in Perth?


The qualifications for becoming a controller include completing the training programs discussed. The training often starts with RIIWHS205D. However, you may also need to complete the traffic management course Perth.


The RIIWHS302D program covers the steps needed for developing and implementing road management plans. This course includes the following topics:


  • Using signage that meets the Department of Transport requirements
  • Monitoring the flow of vehicles and objects on roads or work sites
  • Properly maintaining the required signage and safety equipment


Keep in mind that RIIWHS302D is not always a requirement. The qualifications depend on your job requirements. Talk to a safety representative or supervisor to learn more about the qualifications and potential job outcomes for completing these programs.


How Much Does Traffic Control Course Perth Cost?


The average cost varies. You may spend about $280 to $300. However, you should contact a registered training organisation to find the latest pricing in your region.


In some cases, the employer may cover the cost of training. If you are obtaining the certification for your own job prospects, you will likely need to cover the costs on your own.


The courses often last for four to five hours and some training centres offer a full-day course. AlertForce offers a program that combines RIIWHS205D and RIIWHS302D, which typically takes close to a full day each. With the combination program, you earn both units of competency, saving you money and time.

Enrol in an accredited program today to jump-start your career as a traffic controller.

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