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Many fields involve work with hazardous materials or tasks, requiring workers to develop specific skills and capabilities. Under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, licenses are needed for a wide range of workplace operations, especially in the construction sector.


Employers have a responsibility to ensure workers understand all risks and how to control them. This allows workers to perform their work safely, helping to reduce the occurrence of workplace-related injuries.


Work Health and Safety Tasmanian Courses


AlertForce offers a wide range of Hobart training courses to help workers in a variety of industries comply with OH&S Tasmania regulations. Available courses include:


  1. Asbestos awareness training
  2. Health and safety representative (HSR) training
  3. White card training
  4. Working at heights training
  5. Manual handling training
  6. Traffic control training
  7. Confined spaces training


These health and safety courses provide the skills and knowledge needed to safely perform hazardous tasks, from working in a confined space to working from dangerous heights.


Asbestos Awareness Training


Asbestos awareness training covers general safety precautions for working in areas that may expose workers to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Awareness training is the lowest level of asbestos training. It is only intended to help you learn how to identify asbestos, allowing you to avoid exposure.


Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training


If you have been elected as a health and safety representative for your workgroup, take our HSR training course. We offer a comprehensive course for elected HSRs, giving you the power to issue work stop tickets and provisional improvement notifications (PINs).


White Card Training


Anyone that needs to work on a construction site or enter a construction zone must complete construction induction training, now called white card training. Our white card course takes one day and meets national and state regulations, ensuring you have the knowledge needed to avoid common construction site hazards. The courses are completed face-to-face.


Working at Heights Training


According to Safe Work Australia, 3,751 workers were fatally injured between 2003 and 2018. Falls from heights was one of the leading causes of these fatalities. Learn how to assess the risks of working from heights and implement proper control measures, such as restraints and personal protective equipment (PPE).


Manual Handling Training


Manual handling techniques help reduce the risk of back injuries, strains, and sprains due to improper lifting techniques or repetitive movement. We offer a comprehensive manual handling course for construction, health care, office, and warehouse workers. Our course is delivered online and only takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete.


Traffic Control Training


We developed our traffic control course following all regulatory requirements, providing workers with the knowledge needed to keep workers safe on the roads. Learn how to control the flow of traffic with a stop/slow bat and communicate with workers to minimise hazards. The course is completed face-to-face and is accepted in every state.


Confined Spaces Training


Our confined spaces training course helps workers explore the risks and hazards involved in entering and working in an enclosed or partially enclosed space. This course is often needed when working in vaults, tanks, pipelines, trenches, and sewers. The confined space creates dangerous atmospheres, such as reduced oxygen levels. We offer nationally recognised confined space training and online refresher courses.


Requirements for Enrolling in WHS Training Courses


Before starting a course, participants should review the course requirements. Most programs require participants to be at least 15 years of age and provide a photo ID. The ability to comprehend English is also necessary.


Depending on the course, workers may require prior competencies. For example, participants often need to complete white card training before enrolling in other courses, including working at heights course or confined spaces course.


Why Choose AlertForce for Hobart Health and Safety Training?


With experienced staff and dedicated training facilities, we are one of the leading registered training organisations (RTOs). AlertForce provides WHS training using the latest work health and safety guidelines and codes of practice, helping you learn how to assess and mitigate the hazards in your workplace.


We offer face-to-face and online learning, giving you more flexibility to meet your WHS obligations while continuing your busy schedule. Contact us today to learn more or receive help in selecting the appropriate courses.

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10830NAT Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention

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Asbestos Awareness Training

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Very informative and engaging. Matt was an amazing instructor.
Very good! I jointed the BSBWHS513 online training course, which is a self-paced course. It's more affordable than other training agencies so you can save some money. Their online trainers and admin staff are very efficiency to give you help and feedback.
They are Professional
Very supportive trainer .
Nice quick fixed problem
professional, dedicated and very helpful
Nice organisation, (even with 20 students in live) Adam explain it all very well !
Great content
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I got a three courses here.Very friendly. Especially when i requested something, the speed of processing was fast.
Exception tutor and very interactive class.. much appreciated
Really great presenter!
Great service, the course is very straight forward and easy to understand
Webinar training was clear and relevant and well presented. The webinar start was 20 mins behind schedule.
Completed 2 courses with Alert and in both instances the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable on their topic, provided appropriate real world examples to learn from and maintained interest at all times.
I love alert froce training they give very good guidance related to my course.

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