Manual handling training provides workers with the information needed to reduce the risk of injury when engaging in repetitive tasks or using sustained force.


Whether you work in an office or construction site, you likely have tasks that involve awkward or repetitive movement. Training courses provide the necessary steps for proper handling techniques.


The OSH Act does not require this training but PCBUs (business owners under the new WHS Act) have a duty of care. They need to provide workers with a reasonably safe work environment. These courses help PCBUs comply with this requirement.


What Does Manual Handling Training Perth Involve?


The basic goal of manual handling training is to give workers the knowledge needed to reduce the risk of injury. However, the details of the program depend on the work environment. AlertForce has four manual handling programs for the following work environments:


  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Offices
  • Warehouses


The programs are delivered online through an approved training facility, allowing workers to complete the programs at their own pace.


You can find manual handling risks in all work sectors. However, healthcare, agriculture, and construction are considered high-risk sectors.


Manual handling includes any task that requires an employee to use his or her physical body to perform work. This includes:


  • Using force to lift, lower, push, pull, or carry an object
  • Performing repetitive actions for a prolonged period
  • Using an awkward or sustained posture for a prolonged period
  • Using equipment or tools that expose employees to vibrations


Some of the main risks include injury to the musculoskeletal system. People may experience sprains or strains to the back, neck, or arms. To help workers avoid these injuries, the training program covers the following information:


  • An introduction to manual handling
  • The legislation concerning manual tasks
  • PCBUs’ duty of care for preventing injury
  • How to control risks and prevent injuries
  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the spine
  • Correct posture for various manual tasks


Keep in mind that these courses are not required under OSH legislation. However, the Act does include a code of practice for manual tasks. PCBUs also have a duty of care to help prevent injuries.


Based on these details, PCBUs should enrol workers in the program to help promote better health and safety. During the training, workers learn how to complete a risk assessment for any manual task. The risk assessment focuses on the following four areas:


  • The type of task
  • The type of load
  • The environment
  • The employee


These details allow workers to assess the potential risk and make necessary changes to the way they perform the task. This may involve using a different posture, equipment, or tools. In some cases, workers may determine that the task is too dangerous to perform.


Does a Manual Handling Certificate Have an Expiration Date?


After completing a manual handling course Perth, you receive a certificate of completion instead of a statement of attainment. The certificate does not have an expiry date. In fact, there are no requirements for this program.


While the certificate does not expire, you should complete refresher training or retake the program every two or three years. Safety organisations also recommend that you retake the program after changes to work practices. This may include the introduction of new equipment or system of work for manual tasks.


As the certificate does not expire, you should keep a copy of the certificate in case you lose it. Most RTOs provide you with a PDF after completing the program. You can then print the PDF whenever needed.


How Long Is Manual Handling Training in Perth?


The duration of the program depends on the organisation offering the class. Some organisations offer comprehensive 10-day courses. You may also find courses that take two to four hours to complete.


The informational and practical training sections of the program may last for several hours. However, AlertForce has streamlined online courses that typically take about 45 minutes to 60 minutes to complete. This course still covers the techniques needed to reduce the risk of injury when performing manual tasks.


The shorter programs are available online, allowing workers to complete the training at their own pace. After finishing the instructional portion of the program, a worker can complete an assessment and then print a certificate.


How Much Is Manual Handling Training in Perth?


At AlertForce, manual handling training costs $60 plus GST per attendee. This is a small fee compared to the cost of manual handling injuries. According to SafeWork Australia, these injuries cost $28 billion per year.


Before enrolling in a program, ensure that the training centre is preferably a registered training organisation (RTO). RTOs are preferred because they are recognised for offering quality-assured and training programs.


Many Australians have jobs that require them to use their physical bodies to perform manual tasks. If you are concerned about your safety while performing these tasks, speak with your health and safety representative and enrol in the recommended training program today.

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