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An asbestos removal course gives workers and employers the knowledge and skills needed to safely remove or contain harmful material.


There are multiple types of training courses. Understanding which courses are needed ensures compliance with WHS regulations and codes of practice.


No level of exposure is safe. The Australian government banned the material in 2003, but 98% of homes and buildings constructed before 1976 contain asbestos.


Disturbing materials can release tiny fibres into the air, increasing the risk of lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.


If you or your staff work in an environment that may include the need for asbestos removal, complete the necessary training.



How Long Does Asbestos Removal Training in Brisbane Last?


The removal courses require face-to-face training at approved facilities. The Class B course and the supervisor course last for a full day. The Class A program and the assessment program require two days of training. A self-paced awareness program is also available online.


The duration of the program may also depend on the number of attendees. Most organisations allow up to 12 or 15 attendees.


Some training organisations provide the course materials before the date of the program, giving attendees a chance to review the details beforehand. The typical course outline includes the following sections:


  • Awareness training
  • WHS legislation and requirements
  • Hazards and health risks
  • Preparing for removal
  • Isolating a contaminated site
  • Removal methods
  • Decontamination techniques
  • Regulatory requirements


The program includes a combination of practical hands-on training, slideshow presentations, and demonstrations.


Training organisations often divide the program into theoretical and practical components. The theoretical aspects include details related to licensing, asbestos removal control plans (ARCPs), air monitoring equipment, and clearance certificates.


During the practical portion of the program, attendees complete risk assessments, learn how to set up a removal workspace, and how to complete a removal project. Other details include the proper steps for decontaminating tools and equipment and what type of personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear.



How Much Is Asbestos Awareness Training in Brisbane?


The cost of training varies depending on the program and the facility offering the program. The average cost is about $400 for the Class B program and over $1000 for the class A program. However, some organisations charge less.


For example, AlertForce currently offers the following courses at the listed rates:


  • Awareness course online – free for up to five employees
  • Class A – $997
  • Class B – $297
  • Supervisor – $347
  • Assessment – $997


The costs may change at any time, but reflect the current averages and sales prices.


How Many Levels of Training Are There for Asbestos Removal in Brisbane?


Workers may complete several different levels of training. There are two courses that cover the removal of different types of fibres, along with a supervised removal course and a conduct assessment course.


If workers do not need to remove the harmful material, but may be exposed to it, employers should provide asbestos awareness training. An asbestos awareness course is an online option that covers the primary safety concerns. Workers also learn how to identify and report the presence of the material.


The main courses include the following options:


  • CPCCDE3015A – Removal of friable asbestos (Class A)
  • CPCCDE3014A – Removal of non-friable asbestos (Class B)
  • CPCCDE4008 – Supervise asbestos removal
  • CPCCBC5014A – Conduct assessment for removal


The first two courses deal with the necessary steps for removing asbestos-containing materials (ACM). Before taking these courses, employees should complete the Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A course.


AlertForce and other approved training organisations teach the programs in English and use English language course resources. Attendees also need to dress appropriately and provide their own transportation.


Do You Need a License for Asbestos Removal in Brisbane?


An asbestos removal license is required to remove more than 10 square meters of non-friable asbestos. Workers also need to complete removal training when removing more than 10 square meters of material containing friable asbestos.


The government also recommends that homeowners ensure tradespeople have completed the required training before starting on renovation tasks if the home contains a risk of exposure.


The purpose of the training is to help reduce exposure. According to SafeWork Australia, over 3,000 common products contained asbestos before the government’s ban. Many of these products are still found in older homes.


How Do You Get an Asbestos Removal License in Brisbane?


To obtain a license, you first need to complete the Class A (friable) or Class B (non-friable) course. After completing the training and being deemed competent, you receive a statement of attainment.

Workers first need to complete the Class B program before enrolling in the Class A program.


The statement of attainment is a nationally recognised record indicating that you have successfully finished the required asbestos removal course Brisbane.


Completing the required training promotes better work health and safety. Before attempting to remove asbestos, ensure that you or your staff have obtained the necessary licenses.


Check out this great guide on Asbestos Awareness.

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