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The elevating work platform (EWP) course gives you the skills and knowledge needed to operate different types of EWPs, including scissor lifts and boom-type EWPs.
Here is a closer look at EWP training in Canberra, including what to expect from the course, the training requirements, course duration, fees, and outcomes.


Elevating Work Platform Course Overview


What is an EWP course? Elevating work platform training is designed to teach workers how to operate and work from EWPs safely. This is separate from yellow card training, which is intended for scissors lifts and vertical lifts, but not boom-type EWPs.
EWPs are often used in construction, coal mining, drilling, and extractive work. Understanding how to operate an EWP and safely work from it helps minimise the risk of injuries and accidents.
Along with EWP training, operators may need a high-risk work licence. Most Australian states and territories require workers to hold a high-risk work licence to operate a boom-type EWP with a length of 11 metres or more. The training course that AlertForce offers is to operate EWP’s up to 11m.


What Does the EWP Course Cover?


EWP training in Canberra covers everything an operator needs to know for safe operations when using an elevated working platform. The learning outcomes for EWP training courses include:

  • Planning and preparing to use EWPs
  • Selecting the right equipment for the work activity
  • Identifying requirements for addressing emergencies
  • Using approved safety devices
  • Stabilising and positioning the EWP
  • Cleaning and maintaining EWPs
  • Selecting personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Reviewing maintenance logbooks


At AlertForce, our EWP training is based on nationally recognised standards and the RIIHAN301E unit of competency for operating elevating work platforms.


The elements covered in the course can be divided into three main areas – planning, operating, and housekeeping.


Planning for Operating an Elevating Work Platform


The first portion of the course instructs students on accessing and reviewing EWP documentation and confirming work requirements. The course also includes specific knowledge-based training. This covers national and industry standards for high-risk work, such as the steps involved in hazard identification and implementing risk control measures for the safe and effective operation of EWPs.


Some of the hazards involved with operating an elevating work platform include:

  • Uneven and unstable ground
  • Working below overhead structures or electrical lines
  • Traffic and nearby pedestrians
  • Weather hazards
  • Falls from the platform


These hazards are addressed, along with the recommended control measures for dealing with them.


Operating Elevating Work Platforms


The second portion of the course explains how to operate an EWP. Participants explore the steps needed to inspect platforms, identify faults and defects, and apply site-specific requirements to the configuration of the platform.


Conducting Housekeeping Activities


The third and final portion of the course covers housekeeping activities for properly maintaining elevating work platforms. This includes clearing the work area and disposing of materials. Workers learn how to move EWPs. Instructions on how to check and maintain EWPs are also covered.

An assessment is given at the end of the training program. The assessment includes a theory exam and a demonstration of the students’ practical skills, including the safe operation of scissor lifts and vertical lifts and the use of personal protective equipment.


EWP Course Training Requirements


You must be at least 18 years old to attend an EWP training course. You also need to provide the instructor with 100 points of identification. For the typical person, this means bringing your Australian driver’s licence or birth certificate. Utility bills, Medicare cards, and ATM cards may also be accepted as a form of identification.


Along with identification, you should possess basic English language literacy and communication skills. Participants should also arrive in appropriate attire, such as safety boots and long pants.


Workers may also require working at heights training. Obtaining an EWP ticket does not replace the need for working from heights training.


Individuals in the construction industry must also possess a current, valid white card before working on a construction site. Face-to-face and remote white card training courses are available for workers in Canberra.


EWP Course Duration


The typical duration of EWP training is eight hours for in-person courses at one of our nearby training centres in Canberra. It is a full-day course, with time for breaks and lunch. Each course is taught by an industry-experienced instructor.


Cost of EWP Training in Canberra


The average EWP ticket cost per attendee is $400 to $700. The price includes course materials, training, and the EWP certificate card you receive after completing the course.


What You Get at the End


Instead of an EWP licence, you receive a statement of attainment and a physical card verifying that you have completed the necessary training to safely operate elevated work platforms.

Workers are encouraged to retake the course every five years to ensure that their skills and knowledge related to EWPs and industry standards are up to date.

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