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Work Health and Safety Regulations cover a wide range of safety training including the previously known 10559NATCourse in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials.. This course is now known as 10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials.

The 10852NAT Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials is a mandatory training program for any Plumber or Electrician working in the ACT.

The course teaches you the knowledge and skills to assist in identifying asbestos and minimising exposure.

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What Is the Training Requirement for 10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials?

As of July 1st, 2019, all tradespeople working with materials that may contain asbestos fibres must complete the 10852NAT (previously known as 10559NAT) course. This regulation applies to workers in Canberra and the rest of the ACT.

Previously, workers only needed to complete training for the removal of asbestos containing materials (ACMs). The ACT Government and industry groups developed the new requirements to help bridge the gap between the various training programmes.

The ACT Government passed amendments to the WHS Regulation 2011. The regulations now state that anyone in occupations that may involve working with ACMs needs to complete an approved programme. Examples of occupations that may include exposure to asbestos include:

  • Electricians
  • Gas fitters
  • Plumbers
  • Cablers
  • Air-conditioning mechanics
  • Emergency services workers
  • Building and construction workers

10825NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials course does not replace 11084NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness (previously 10675NAT). The ACT Government added 11084NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness (previously 10675NAT) as a mandatory training course in 2014. 11084NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness (previously 10675NAT) is also a prerequisite for 10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials.

Besides completing the awareness course, you need to arrive wearing high-visibility clothing and safety boots. Participants must also be at least 16 years old.

Changes to the WHS 2011 regulations do not impact the removal of asbestos. Workers still need to complete the necessary courses to receive a license for the safe removal of friable or non-friable asbestos.

How Is the Training Delivered?

10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials is not available online although there is a requirement to do the final theoretical assessment online in a face to face class environment (your training provider will provide you with the necessary equipment to make that happen). You must complete the theoretical and practical training face to face. The program includes classroom instruction and practical application.

To complete the program, you need to enrol through an approved registered training organisation (RTO). Only enrol in courses approved by E-Oz Energy Skills Australia.

AlertForce is accredited through E-Oz Energy Skills Australia to deliver 10852NAT Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials.

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Why Do You Need to Complete an Asbestos Containing Materials Course?

10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials is a mandated requirement for Plumbers and Electricians working in the ACT. Asbestos remains an ongoing threat to the community, especially for those who work in the construction industry.

If left undisturbed, ACMs do not create a significant health risk. However, when workers handle the materials improperly, tiny fibres may become airborne.

The airborne fibres increase the risk of various health issues including respiratory and lung diseases. Asbestosis and mesothelioma are a couple of examples of diseases that workers may develop.

Amendments to the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 now require the Nationally Accredited training. The changes to the regulations enhance the protection of workers who carry out minor work or routine maintenance on ACMs.

How Much Does the 10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials Training Cost?

The average cost of the program is roughly $500. However, a variety of factors influence the cost. You may find that the price is slightly higher or lower at different RTOs or regions.

Some companies also offer discounts for training involving large groups. If your company has a group of employees who require training, enrolling all at once may reduce the cost.

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Can my business get training funding?

In certain circumstances businesses who are related to the construction industry in the ACT will be eligible for training funding. AlertForce are able to organise this on behalf of your business if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can check Training Fund Authority website here or call us to discuss your staff eligibility.

What Will You Learn by Completing the 10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials?

A person competent in this unit will be able to identify asbestos containing materials and implement the necessary controls measures before performing work that may involve activity that will potentially liberate the asbestos fibres from their bonding material.

The program also includes practical application, allowing participants to demonstrate their understanding of the techniques discussed in the class.

The general course content includes:

  • Work site preparation practices
  • Safe methods for drilling and cutting
  • Decontamination practices
  • Using personal protective equipment (PPE)

By the end of the training, you should understand how to identify ACMs and work safely around them. This involves the use of PPE to protect against exposure along with safe cutting and drilling techniques to limit airborne fibres.

What Accreditation Will You Get?

After completing the course, you receive a Statement of Attainment. The statement provides proof that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely work around asbestos containing materials.

10852NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials is the approved course in the ACT. If your job requires you to work around ACMs, you now need to complete this programme. However, if your job requires the removal of asbestos, you still need to complete CPCCDE3014A or CPCCDE3015A.

A copy of the AlertForce support letter from Energy Space is here

More information can be found at the Access Canberra site here.

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