Construction sites often bring additional hazards. Falling objects, heavy equipment, and other potential risks can increase the chance of injury, especially for those who lack proper safety training. If you want to work safely in the construction industry, you need to earn your white card.


What Is Sydney White Card Training?


White card training provides students with basic knowledge related to health and safety issues on construction sites. It is a mandatory course in the construction industry. Anyone that routinely enters the construction site needs to complete this training, including:


  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Labourers
  • Surveyors
  • Tradespeople


Basically, the white card is a requirement for anyone who needs to carry out construction work or enter the site. Through the courses, students learn how to avoid common construction hazards.


After obtaining your white card, you can legally enter construction sites in any of the following territories and states:


  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Victoria
  • Northern Territory
  • Tasmania
  • ACT (Canberra)


The white cards are nationally recognised, allowing you to seek employment in any state or territory. The training courses should only be completed through approved registered training organisations (RTO).


Keep in mind, in Victoria and NSW, workers need to complete the training face-to-face, as many construction sites do not accept cards obtained through online training. Besides completing the training face-to-face, it’s also a good idea to complete it in your own state of residence.


How Long Are White Card Training Courses Sydney?


Organisations offer the white card course Sydney face-to-face, with courses typically lasting all day. Online training is not available through most training organisations as it has been outlawed, in most cases, by State safety regulators.


Legislation requires the instruction to last at least six hours, including time for a break and registration. However, the exact length may vary, depending on the number of students. With a larger group of people, the group may ask more questions or need more time to complete portions of the course.


What Do You Do During White Card Training Sydney NSW?


The program covers the basic health and safety requirements for working on construction sites in Australia.


During the white card course, students learn about the most common hazards on the construction site, along with how to assess risks and implement strategies to avoid hazards. Some of the main components covered during training include:


  1. How to identify safety hazards
  2. How to spot safety issues
  3. How to reduce the risk of injury or accident
  4. How to respond to a health or safety incident


The program typically includes a mixture of videos and slideshow presentations. The instructors also use class activities to help demonstrate different scenarios. At the end of the course, students complete an assessment to ensure that they grasped the subject material.


The specific structure of the white course NSW varies. However, most training centres follow the recommendations outlined by Safework NSW and the WHS Act codes of practice. Thanks to increased vigilance in completing these training courses, the construction sector saw just 23 deaths in 2017.


After completing the program, you receive a Statement of Training. You need to hold on to the statement, as it allows you to start working on a construction site throughout the country instantly. The plastic card gets mailed to your address within 60 days.


How Much Does It Cost to Get an NSW White Card in Sydney?


The construction induction white card training typically costs about $120. However, courses may also cost $127, depending on the date and location of the course. No additional GST gets added to the fee.


Besides the enrolment fee, students must also be at least 14 years of age. When attending, bring your birth certificate, driver’s license, or citizenship certificate to verify your name and age.


How Long Does a White Card Last in Sydney, NSW?


After you have completed the course, your white card does not expire, if you continue to work in the construction industry. However, if you leave this field for two years, you need to retake the training.


While the white card does not expire for those who remain employed in construction, Safe Work Australia still advises workers to renew it every two years. If you lose the card before this time, you may need to fill out a form to request a replacement.


Obtaining a white card is a mandatory requirement for working in the construction industry. Completing the one-day course allows you to work on construction sites across all territories and states in Australia. If you do not yet have your card, enrol in a training course near you.

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Available nationally

Available nationally

Nationally recognised qualification

Nationally recognised qualification

Pre-course materials available immediately

Pre-course materials available immediately

State regulatory compliance

State regulatory compliance

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Course Duration



White Card Face to Face Course

Available nationally


Nationally recognised qualification


Pre-course materials available immediately


State regulatory compliance


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