The transport business often requires drivers to remain on the road for many hours at a time, increasing the risk of road accidents due to fatigue.


To help keep the roads safe and protect drivers, you may benefit from fatigue management training in Brisbane. Here is what you should know about these training programs.


What Is Fatigue Management Training in Brisbane?


Fatigue management training courses provide drivers with the skills and knowledge needed to reduce the risk of vehicular accidents. The courses are offered online and self-paced through nationally recognised registered training organisations (RTOs).


The old TLIF2010 Applying Fatigue Management Strategies course no longer meets OHS requirements. It was replaced with TLIF0005 and TLIF0006.

While these courses are intended for heavy vehicle drivers, fatigue can affect workers in any industry. When workers suffer from exhaustion, they face an increased risk of injury.


According to the WHS Act 2011, a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) needs to minimise risks and provide a reasonably safe work environment, which may include one of the following programs:


  • TLIF0005 – Apply a fatigue risk management system
  • TLIF0006 – Administer a fatigue risk management system


TLIF0005 and TLIF0006 are two separate programs. TLIF0005 National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) Fatigue Management Level 1 is for drivers with basic or advanced fatigue management accreditation. The TLIF0006 course is for driver’s schedulers or driver supervisors.


Divers learn the skills needed to manage exhaustion and reduce injury and harm to themselves and other motorists or pedestrians. These courses cover the following:


  • How to stay alert at the wheel
  • How to identify hazards and symptoms of exhaustion
  • The actions to take to combat road fatigue
  • How to apply fatigue minimisation techniques


Fatigue is a major contributing factor in vehicle accidents. With these courses, you can reduce the hazards connected with driver exhaustion. According to SafeWork Australia, some of the signs of exhaustion include:


  • Feeling tired after sleeping
  • Reduced hand-eye coordination
  • Short term memory issues
  • Blurred vision
  • Impaired visual perception


It is easy to understand how these symptoms can increase the risk of road accidents. These issues severely impact your ability to function or safely operate a motor vehicle.


Basic and Advanced Fatigue Management Courses in Brisbane


AlertForce and other RTOs offer several levels of training, including basic and advanced courses. The basic course covers the basic knowledge and skills for reducing and managing driver exhaustion. This is recommended for general staff.


The advanced fatigue management course is the nationally recognised program for meeting the units of competency OHS requirements. During the training, you will learn how to eliminate or control the risks related to work exhaustion, which includes the following areas:


  • Shift and rostering design
  • Leave management
  • Work environment
  • Staff support


Some of the recommendations for shift and rostering design include maximising breaks between shifts and minimising the number of consecutive night shifts. You may also need to ensure that the rosters avoid overtime allocation for afternoon or night shifts.


How Long Are the Fatigue Management Courses?


As the courses are self-paced, the duration depends on how quickly you work through the course content. The average completion time is between one and four hours. This also depends on your existing knowledge of driving regulations and industry practices.


After enrolling in the program, drivers receive access to learning resources and the necessary links for completing the assessment. To pass the fatigue management assessment, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge of the following topics:


  • How exhaustion affects your body
  • Identifying hazards when driving
  • Managing your overall health
  • Following the WHS Codes of Practice


The course starts with an introduction that helps explain the need for remaining awake and aware while driving. This is followed by an explanation of the causes of exhaustion. You will then learn how exhaustion affects your performance and body clock.


Completing these sections of the program should take one to three hours. The assessment may take an hour to complete.


How Can I Attend a Fatigue Management Course in Brisbane?


The courses are not offered face-to-face. You can complete the units of competency through a self-paced online course.


You simply need a suitable electronic device with a good internet connection and a webcam. Commonly used devices include:


  • Computers or laptops with webcams
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones


You will also need a printer to print the statement of attainment after passing the assessment. The statement is delivered via email the following business day once you are deemed competent.


The bottom line is that worker fatigue is a real threat to the health and safety of everyone on the road. When a driver becomes exhausted at the wheel, reduced reflexes and visual impairment increase the risk of getting into an accident.

Commercial vehicle drivers have general duties under the WHS Act, including reporting for work rested and recording work times and breaks. To learn more about these requirements and the code of practice, complete fatigue management training in Brisbane from an approved training facility.

Start Your Accredited Fatigue Management Training for the Transport Industry Now!

TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies awareness only TLIF0005 Apply a fatigue risk management system^ TLIF0006 Administer a fatigue risk management system^
Available nationally
Nationally recognised training
Heavy Vehicle Drivers
Schedulers / controllers
Course Duration Online Self-paced Online Self-paced Online Self-paced
Cost $60+GST $177 $147 (no-GST) $197 $157 (no-GST)

Available nationally

Available nationally

Nationally recognised training

Nationally recognised training



Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Schedulers / controllers

Schedulers / controllers

Course Duration

Course Duration



TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies awareness only

Available nationally


Nationally recognised training




Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Schedulers / controllers


Course Duration

Online Self-paced



TLIF0005 Apply a fatigue risk management system^

Available nationally


Nationally recognised training




Heavy Vehicle Drivers


Schedulers / controllers


Course Duration

Online Self-paced


$177 $147 (no-GST)

TLIF0006 Administer a fatigue risk management system^

Available nationally


Nationally recognised training




Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Schedulers / controllers


Course Duration

Online Self-paced


$197 $157 (no-GST)

* The TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies course is the old course with access available free for educational and awareness purposes only. If you are a driver wish to extend your driving hours you are required to do the paid TLIF0005 course.


^ Requires a webcam. To undertake either the Blended Learning or Fully Online options, learners are expected to have an Intermediate Proficiency in Technology use. Intermediate proficiency means:

You are able to successfully complete tasks in this competency as requested. Help from an expert may be required from time to time, but you can usually perform the task independently“.


AlertForce have a commercial auspice agreement with FreshAir East Coast (RTO Code 40599) who are the registered training organisation who assess and issue the certification for all Nationally Recognised Fatigue Management courses delivered by AlertForce.

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