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Manual handling training helps reduce the risk of injuries related to common workplace tasks. This training includes industry-specific guidance for protecting workers and maintaining a safe work environment. The following information covers everything you should know about the manual handling courses.


What Does Manual Handling Training Involve?


The training is designed to provide workers with instruction on the proper techniques for performing various manual handling tasks. The type of manual tasks and techniques depend on the industry.


AlertForce offers several types of nationally recognised courses for different sectors of the workforce:


  • Healthcare workers
  • Construction workers
  • Office workers
  • Warehouse workers


These industries involve different types of tasks, requiring specific techniques to improve safety. The training helps you assess the hazards and adjust your work process to reduce risks. Some of the key steps for assessing manual tasks include:


  • Assessing the task itself
  • Evaluating the individual
  • Reviewing the load
  • Inspecting the environment


Based on these details, you can adjust your posture and handling techniques. However, according to SafeWork Australia, the best way to eliminate the risk is to plan around the problem. Instead of manually lifting something, utilise equipment to handle the lifting.


How Long Is the Manual Handling Course Hobart?


To ensure proper guidance, only enrol in classes offered by registered training organisations, such as AlertForce. The course is typically offered online and takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete, depending on the course. However, as these classes are self-paced, the amount of time may vary.


Many RTOs also offer in-person training. Some of the face-to-face programs may take half a day or a full day. Several RTOs have programs that last for two weeks, covering a wide range of topics related to work health and safety.


Does a Manual Handling Certificate Have an Expiration date?


When you finish the training, you print a certificate of completion from your printer. The certificate does not expire. You do not obtain a statement of attainment or a licence. The certificate is your verification that you have completed this unit of competency.


As with many types of WHS / OHS training courses, safety groups tend to recommend that workers retake the course every few years to refresh their knowledge. This is not a requirement, but helps reinforce the lessons covered during the online class.


How Much Is Manual Handling Training in Hobart?


Manual handling courses are incredibly affordable. The cost is just $60 plus GST per person. This is a small price to pay to discover useful techniques for reducing your exposure to potentially harmful movements or tasks.


What Are the Learning Outcomes?


The program gives workers the skills and knowledge needed to reduce the risk of injury when performing manual tasks. The typical curriculum includes the following topics:


  • Intro to manual handling tasks
  • The latest WHS laws
  • The responsibilities of PCBUs
  • Steps for controlling risks
  • Basic anatomy of the spine
  • The best posture for performing a variety of manual tasks


What is the definition of a manual task? Any task requiring you to use your body is a type of manual task. Examples include:


  • Using bodily force to lower, push, lift, carry, or pull a load
  • Using an awkward posture or sustained force for a prolonged amount of time
  • Using tools or equipment that exposes your body to repetitive vibrations
  • Any repetitive movement or action that you need to maintain for a prolonged period


If you need to lower, push, lift, pull, carry, restrain, or hold something, you may benefit from this training. You learn how to deal with repetitive movement, sustained force, and awkward positions. Enrol today to reduce your chance of injury from common workplace tasks.

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