If your job involves lifting, lowering, pushing, or pulling objects, you may benefit from manual handling training. The program covers the skills and knowledge needed to reduce risks related to manually handling equipment or objects. Here is a closer look at the program, including who needs to complete the program and the potential dangers that it protects against.


What Does Manual Handling Training Involve?


The training program helps workers avoid the risks associated with manual tasks through proper manual handling practices. The details of the program depend on the industry. AlertForce offers manual handling training for the following workers:


  • Healthcare workers
  • Construction workers
  • Office workers
  • Warehouse workers


Obviously, the risks of manual handling vary. Construction workers perform different handling tasks compared to office workers. Hazardous manual handling tasks typically involve one of the following:


  • Sustained awkward position
  • Repeated or sustained force
  • Repetitive movements
  • Exposure to vibration
  • Unstable or unbalanced loads
  • Handling of people or animals


Some of the most common injuries include sprains, strains, back injuries, hernias, soft-tissue injuries, and chronic pain. According to Safe Work Australia, these injuries cost the Australian economy about $28 billion each year.


During the training program, workers receiving instructions for safely using manual handling methods. Workers also learn how to assess manual handling risks. This requires an assessment of the following areas:


  • The task
  • The worker
  • The load
  • The environment


Workers first need to assess the task to determine if it involves hazardous handling. This may include any task that involves twisting, pushing, pulling, stooping, or bending. Workers then assess the individual.


If you have any existing health problems or if the task requires specialised training, you may require additional control measures. The next step involves assessing the load. Common issues include heavy loads, loads that are difficult to grasp, or loads that are hot, cold, or sharp.


How Long Is Manual Handling Training Adelaide?


The duration of the program depends on whether you complete it in person or online. In-person courses typically last half a day with most programs lasting about five hours and they include practical training followed by a quiz.


The online courses allow workers to complete the course at their own pace. Most people complete the course in about 60 minutes. This includes 45 minutes of training and 15 minutes for quizzes at the end of the program.


How Much Is Manual Handling Course Adelaide?


Many training organisations charge $100 to $150 for in-person training courses. At AlertForce, you may enrol in an online course for just $60 + GST. The online courses are available nationally and meet the Worksafe/Workcover requirements.


Does the Manual Handling Certificate Have an Expiration Date?


After the successful completion of the program, workers receive a certificate. It does not have an expiration date. Additionally, this program is not required under WHS regulations although many workplaces will mandate it as part of their Duty of Care programs.


The purpose of the training program is to protect workers and reduce injuries. However, every PCBU has the responsibility to provide workers with a reasonably safe work environment. If the work involves manual handling tasks, the PCBU should offer to enrol employees in the training program.

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