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Traffic control courses offer workers the skills and knowledge needed to control transport and implement management plans. The purpose of this training is to help promote worker safety and maintain smooth traffic flow around worksites.


If you want to work as a traffic controller or have a job that involves heavy equipment, you may need to complete these courses. The following information provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about traffic management training.


What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Traffic Controller in Adelaide?


To become a traffic controller, you need to complete one or more training programs. AlertForce offers several courses in this area, including a general traffic controller program and a program for implementing traffic control plans. A combination course is also available.


The main units of competency that you may need to complete include:

  • RIIWHS201D—Work safely and follow WHS policies and work procedures
  • RIICOM201D—Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIWHS205D—Control traffic with a stop/slow bat
  • RIIWHS302D—Implement traffic management plans


RIIWHS205D is intended for those working operational roles, such as roadside construction workers. Accidents involving vehicles are the second-leading cause of worker fatalities in the construction industry after falls from heights.


Between 2003 and 2014, 70 incidents occurred in the heavy and civil engineering construction industries. This accounted for 16.09% of all construction-related fatalities. The fatalities included accidents involving heavy machinery and incidents involving vehicles near construction sites on roads, bridges, and dams.


Do You Need to Be a Traffic Controller in Adelaide?


Controllers are often required on construction sites or work sites on or near roads. For example, when working near a public roadway, workers may need to direct the flow of vehicles to reduce the risk of an accident.


Traffic controllers do more than just hold a stop/slow bat. Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Directing the flow of vehicles and pedestrians
  • Correctly install signs and safety barriers
  • Implementing a road management plan
  • Cleaning and maintaining road signs and equipment


To find out if you need to obtain this training, speak with your supervisor or employer.


Do You Need a License for Traffic Control in Adelaide?


To safely direct vehicles, you need to obtain a license. You obtain the license by completing the RIIWHS205D course that covers the skills and knowledge needed to direct vehicles using a stop/slow bat. After completing the program, you receive a statement of attainment.


The license expires after three years. After taking the initial program, you may take a refresher course. If you need to learn how to implement road safety plans, you may also need to complete the RIIWHS302D program.


How Do I Become a Traffic Controller in Adelaide?


To perform the controller’s duties, you need to complete the necessary traffic management course Adelaide. This often starts with the RIIWHS205D unit of competency covering the steps needed for controlling vehicle flow using a stop/slow bat. It is a basic work zone traffic management course, but additional training may be required.


As mentioned, AlertForce offers a general program that includes this unit of competency along with RIICOM201D and RIIWHS201D. Supervisors and some workers may also need to learn how to implement traffic control plans. This requires the RIIWHS302D unit of competency.


How Much Does the Traffic Control Training Cost in Adelaide?


The average cost of a traffic control course Adelaide is about $300, depending on the registered training organisation (RTO). Currently, AlertForce offers the traffic controller course for just $272. The implement traffic control plan course also costs $272.

To save money, enrol in the TC plus ITCP combo course. It costs $444 per person and covers RIICOM201D, RIIWHS205D, and RIIWHS302D.

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