Working in the traffic management industry or in a field that involves work on public roads requires necessary training. Controlling traffic involves many dangers, both for workers and the general public.


To direct vehicles and stop or start traffic, you need to understand the required traffic control and management techniques. These techniques are covered in RIIWHS205D and RIIWHS302D training programs.


If you are interested in becoming a traffic controller, explore the main features and requirements for traffic control training in Melbourne.


What Is the Definition of Traffic Control Course in Melbourne?


There are two units of competency – traffic control and traffic management. The control course covers the basic use of a stop/slow bat to direct motorists. The management course covers the basic steps needed for devising and implementing a vehicle management plan.


You may need to complete this training if your work environment includes areas where the public drives, such as roads and highways. Field personnel responsible for the safety of the work site may also need to complete these courses.


Managing the flow of vehicles is also necessary for certain industrial sites, such as oil drilling or mining. The construction industry also often requires workers with these skills. For example, you may need to direct heavy-duty construction and maintenance vehicles on a work site.


What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Controller in Melbourne?


There are two separate qualifications. You may complete the basic program or the traffic management course in Melbourne.

Traffic control involves more than just holding a sign. The basic RIIWHS205D course covers the following:


  • Correctly directing motorists using a stop/slow bat
  • Understanding stopping sight distances
  • Maintaining incident reports
  • Assessing and responding to changes in road conditions
  • Implementing risk assessments for worker safety
  • Communicating effectively using a variety of devices


The road management plan program includes steps for planning and implementing schemes to monitor and direct motorists. These steps help to reduce the risk of accidents when working near or on public roads. The key topics for the management plan program include:


  • Preparing and implementing vehicle management plans
  • Setting up proper signage
  • Monitoring the flow of vehicles
  • Understanding how to close access to motorists
  • Storing and maintaining equipment and signage


The management program focuses more on developing and implementing a traffic guidance scheme. It is more intensive compared to the standard controller program. In fact, many organisations recommend the successful completion of RIIWHS205D before enrolling in RIIWHS302D.


After completing the courses, workers should complete a refresher course every three years. The refresher course does not take as long and may cost less, depending on the training facility.


Do You Need a License for Vehicle Control in Melbourne?


You need to complete the necessary training to become a road or vehicle controller in Melbourne. After completing the programs, you receive a statement of attainment and a plastic wallet-sized card. According to Edway Training, the card acts as your licence to work as a traffic controller.


The certification lasts for three years. It is the responsibility of each controller to maintain his competency. Luckily, a short refresher course is all that is needed to continue working in this role.


How Do I Become a Traffic Controller in Melbourne?


To become a traffic controller, you are required to complete several training courses, including:


RIIWHS205D does not include the steps needed to implement traffic management plans. The RIIWHS302D is a separate course. However, a combination program is available.


With the combo course, employers can save on the cost of training. It costs less to complete the two certifications at the same time compared to taking them individually. As the entire program is still only a half day, it also saves time.


After completing these courses, you should have the knowledge needed to direct traffic. You should also understand the steps for implementing and or monitoring traffic management schemes.


How Much Does Traffic Control Training Courses in Melbourne Cost?


The average cost of training varies throughout the country and depends on the facility that you choose. Typically, you can expect to pay between $300 and $500 for the half day course. At AlertForce, the cost is under $250 for each program.


As mentioned, you can also save time and money by enrolling in the combined program, which covers both RIIWHS205D and RIIWHS302D. If your competency is about to expire, you may also enrol in the refresher courses.

Personnel responsible for setting management schemes need to complete these courses. To start working as a traffic controller, enrol in RIIWHS205D, RIIWHS302D, or the combo course.

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