Warehouse Safety: Two Companies Fined $193,000

warehouse safetyManufacturers fined 193,000 for injured employees.

In 2007 three men suffered serious injuries after a one-tonne pallet fell on top of them. Recently, the two companies, Zac Pac and J.I.T Offset have been fined for $193,000 and ordered to pay legal costs for the injuries of the men .  Both companies operate in the same facility in Ingleburn Sydney.

The incident occurred when the three men were attempting to clean up fallen sheet metal until two and half pallets (weighing more than a tonne) fell onto all three of them.

Two of the workers suffered from soft-tissue damage and lower-back muscle problems along with cuts and bruises. The other gentleman fractured his spine, dislocated and fractured his elbow, and sustained cuts and bruises to his head. As a result, the worker was not able to work for two months.

An investigation by WorkCover determined that the safety precautions at the facility were insufficient and that this type of injury was predictable and preventable.

The investigation also determined that the companies had failed to provide safe work practices to the employees, failed to conduct risk assessments, failed to provide warehouse safety training, failed to provide sufficient supervision, and failed to inform the employees of the potential risks.

Source  : http://www.mathandling.com.au/news/nsw-manufacturers-fined-193000-after-pallets-fal

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