Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is something that every workplace is concerned with. Basically occupational health and safety efforts are always going to be around no matter how many industries rise and fall, so going after a career in the field is definitely a great idea. Getting started with the educational requirements necessary to work in the OHS field is also not very difficult and can be done while working elsewhere. It’s a great way to get a career even later in life when you are feeling unfulfilled at whatever position you currently hold, and there are many career opportunities available in OHS.

A Cert IV in OHS applies to work places everywhere in the world but more recently many jobs in this field have been created in Australia. On January 1st of 2012 the work health and safety act came into play and changed a whole lot of the rules and regulations for businesses across the continent. OHS was extremely relevant all of a sudden and many jobs opened up to those who were educated in the new rules. This is why getting a Cert IV in OHS is such a huge step for your career and can help you secure these freshly created jobs, and start your career in OHS at one of the many businesses across Australia.

With 2013 here these jobs are still needing to be filled and companies all around are hiring individuals with a Cert IV under their belt so there’s no better time to step into this employment opportunity while there’s such a high depend for people with a Cert IV in OHS.

The qualification for a Cert IV in OHS is ordered online and completed at a distance over a 1 year period. You can sign up and pay for the course and get started today; it has never been easier to get an education. If you sign up for the course today you’ll even be able to get an extra course in OHS which is directly related to the OHS industry. Many of the principles and ideas you are taught will carry over and make getting this second course completed easy. This extra course costs nearly $300 so you’ll be saving quite a bit of money as well.

The course is time consuming but you can work at your own pace. If you study hard enough and hit the books, and complete the work load in less than 6 months then you’ll be able to get your Cert IV and get a job sooner rather than later however you’ll have up to a full year to complete it if you want to move at a slower pace. The choice is yours and it’s perfect for those who want to get an education, and start a career but live busy lifestyles and often can’t have a set schedule for their classes. With different units it’s easy to segment off and plan the course according to your schedule as well.

The course itself is $1397 which while it may seem high is still much more affordable than tuition at any school and a worthy investment.