Manual Handling Training for Healthcare Workers

Managing manual handling risks should be regarded as a cyclical process aimed at continuous monitoring, review and improvement. Manual handling training can get your staff up to speed on what are some of the things to be aware of before they receive their manual handling certificate. An online manual handling course can assist with the training and refreshment of manual handling training in the workplace.

It is important to remember that improvements in manual handling training can often occur slowly. If the focus is at the ward or unit level, the rate of change should be faster than in a large organisation. It is only as planned changes are put in place, that it will be noticed that staff are doing things differently. Action planning along with allocation of responsibility and resources for each step is a critical part of the cyclical process of change. Again the implementation of the correct manual handling course and proper manual handling training is crucial.

Once the planning is completed, it is imperative that training is undertaken to give staff the knowledge and skills to do what is required of them. Note that employer responsibilities under the occupational health and safety legislation cannot be ignored or delayed because of difficulties in implementing control or management strategies.

You can get your manual handling certificate by completing your manual handling training online.

  • Manual Handling Training for Healthcare / Aged Care workers (60 minutes + quizzes)

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    This manual handling course is designed for workers in the healthcare or aged care industries. Delivered online. It includes advice on safe lifting policies. You can use this course for refresher training and to show your employer that your annual skills have been updated.

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