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fatigue trainingLack of sleep, extreme mental stress, and boredom can all lead to fatigue. People who are tired not only view the world less positively than those who are well rested, but they also display physical and mental symptoms that can affect the way they perform both at home and at work. A worker who is fatigued can actually pose a risk to your business in several ways. Knowing the signs and effects of fatigue can help you to better prevent and manage this condition which can help you sustain higher company profits.

Signs of Fatigue

Here are some of the signs that are evident when a worker is feeling fatigued.

・Constant yawning

・slower movements



・inability to understand and follow simple directions

・appearing giddy or giggly

・sudden increase in the amount of days they are absent or late to work

・ Unusually quiet or argumentative

Once one or more of these signs of fatigue are noted, if nothing is done to manage the worker’s fatigue then the effect this condition can have on job performance is predictable. Here are just a few of the effects you can expect to see when a worker is feeling exhausted or fatigued.

Reduced Productivity. When a worker is feeling tired they are simply unable to maintain normal production levels. The worker is basically trying to complete tasks while in a mental fog which means that they have to think through every action including those that are normally instinctive or repetitive.

Reduced Attention To Details And Safety Measures. When a worker is feeling tired they are less likely to pay attention to the finer details a job requires and they often overlook safety measures all together. They simply do not have the patience or the mental focus to pay attention to everything so they concentrate on simply putting one foot in front of the other and getting the job done.

Reduced Ability To React Quickly. When a worker is fatigued they simply do not have the mental alertness to react quickly to any situation. While this can wreak havoc in any job situation, when workers have jobs where the ability to react quickly is essential to safety this inability can create life threatening situations and result in damage to expensive equipment.

Increased forgetfulness. Fatigued workers can be extremely forgetful and this forgetfulness can run the gambit from forgetting to send out important emails, to leaving machines running when not in use to forgetting to put on the proper safety gear.

Increased Absenteeism. Workers who are chronically fatigued often miss work on a regular basis. They constantly feel tired and find it difficult to pull themselves together enough to even make it to work let alone try to perform once they get there.

Increased Accidents. Fatigued workers are at higher risk to cause or have an accident. They are more likely to trip and fall, Injure themselves by not following safety procedures and take increased risks that often result in injury to themselves and others.

In order to reduce worker fatigue it is essential that both workers and those who manage their workforce take fatigue management training. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of fatigue and how to prevent and manage this condition can increase worker safety and improve production for your company.

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