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It’s hard work for tradies. Their bodies are taxed day in, day out. They work in all weather conditions. And they must keep their eyes on the deadlines. Trades managers carry the greatest load. They have to take care of every trade in the team and follow detailed procedures.

Tradies National Health Month aims to bring awareness to key workplace issues with a focus in safety and health.

Tradie compliance training essentials for work continuity in ACT

AlertForce currently supports construction workers in ACT by providing training to comply with the heightened compliance requirements that will be in effect in 2023. This will ensure that tradespeople can continue working onsite safely.

Many tradies will need to take online Verification of Competency Courses and an updated “White Card”, also known as construction induction training. The white card, which is nationally recognised, contains course material that will ensure competency for the state ACT.

Additional training requirements will be required in ACT. These topics are

Silica Awareness

Every year, silica is exposed to over 2 million workers in the trades. Silica is a chemical compound made from silicon and oxygen. There are two types of silica, hazardous crystalline and nonhazardous amorphous. Exposure to crystalline silica dust poses health risks. It is important to receive comprehensive training to help identify silica products and how to manage them.

Asbestos Awareness

In Australia, asbestos remains a hidden danger in homes and buildings. Because asbestosis is a deadly lung disease, it is prohibited from being used. However, asbestosis remains in buildings, such as walls and insulation.

Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 states that a “person conducting a business” (PCBU) is the person responsible for the primary duty under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to ensure workers’ safety and health to the greatest extent possible. All workers who may come in contact with asbestos fibres or asbestos-containing material (ACMs), have to be trained by PCBUs. For plumbers and electricians working in the ACT, Working Safely With Asbestos Containing Material is a mandatory training program.

Hazardous materials training for Australia wide based learners

Digital awareness training is also available in Australia for other states. Courses Asbestos Awareness for the Workplace elearning teaches you about the dangers of asbestos. This elearning explains how asbestos hazards can occur at work and provides some guidelines for controlling them.

This course, which was co-created by Greencap, is for individuals responsible for managing asbestos in Australian workplaces. It lasts 50 minutes. This course aims to protect workers against asbestos exposure and protect others in the workplace.

This course is not equivalent to any asbestos removal licenses, but will teach you the basics of best management practices.

Asbestos Awareness provides useful resources to tradies who work on residential sites. Asbestos is found in 1 out of 3 Australian homes, so tradies will likely come across it daily during their workdays. Asbestos Awareness Tradie 20 Point Safety Check is a great tool that can be used as a reference to workplace training.

Other tradie workplace courses include Working Safely With Hazardous Chemicals, Confined Spaces Hazard guide and Working Safely With Hazardous Chemicals.

We are stronger together to ensure tradie safety & workplace compliance

We work with our partners to provide a complete learning solution for PCBUs such as yours.

You can browse our entire course collection or use the search box to locate the courses that meet your workplace needs. If you need any assistance in finding the right course for your workplace, we are here to assist.

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