5 Reasons Why You Need Sexual Harassment Training

Despite the fact that legislation was passed more than 30 years ago, sexual harassment continues to be an issue in almost every type of work environment. Seeing that Sexual harassment does not take place is the duty of everyone who works for any company or business.

Here are 5 reasons why you need sexual harassment training:

1. Sexual harassment is an ongoing problem in many work environments today. While some people clearly know that their behavior constitutes sexual harassment others may be ignorant as to exactly what actions constitutes sexual harassment. Sexual harassment training makes it clear to every employee exactly what constitutes sexual harassment and the penalties for engaging in harassing behavior.

2. Employers can be held responsible for the sexual harassment of an employee by another employee even if they have no knowledge that such behavior is taking place unless they take preventive steps to insure that that this behavior is not occurring. Not only is sexual harassment training for your employees proof of preventive steps, but taking training yourself can help you to formulate other preventive measures as well.

3. When sexual harassment occurs this harassment not only effects the employee that is being harassed but, it effects other employees and your business as well. A person who feels harassed in a work environment is far less likely to be able to perform their job efficiently and far more likely to make mistakes that could jeopardize their safety or the safety of others or cost your business money. Sexual harassment training doesn’t just make clear what constitutes sexual harassment it also informs those who are being harassed what steps they need to take to report the harassment and protect themselves from future harassment.

4. In many cases women and men as well who are being sexually harassed don’t report the harassment to their employers for fear of being penalized or seen as complainers by their superiors. Sexual harassment training can help employers, managers and others learn how to create an environment where employees can feel free to report such incidents without worry of reprisals or fear of losing their jobs because they seek to prevent the incidents of harassment from continuing. By showing that you and your business is responsive to such complaints and that you take such harassment seriously an employee is less likely to seek outside remedies when harassment occurs. When an employee feels as though they need to seek outside remedies this often results in huge payouts and fines by your business.

5. By taking a sexual harassment training course and seeing that all your employees have such training as well, you create a safer work environment for all your employees which results in a more proficient work environment, better company morale, and a workplace that employees look forward to going to every day which is good for your business and your continued business success.

Providing a work environment that is emotionally as well as physically safe for your employees will benefit your company both financially and in terms of better worker satisfaction. Sexual harassment training can help you provide such an environment.

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