5 Reasons Why You Need Workplace Harassment Training

In order for your business to run efficiently and smoothly your employees need to feel safe within the work environment. There are times when the comments or actions by others are so offensive or threatening that an individual or group of employees may not feel safe coming to work and working next to the individuals whose comments or behaviors they view as threatening. In order for your business to flourish and to be compliant under OHS laws you need to provide every employee with a work environment they feel is safe.

Here are 5 reasons why you need workplace harassment training:

1. Threatening or harassing behavior by one employee or group of employees towards another employee or group of employees results in low employee morale and if continued to result in poor work performance and a higher rate of absenteeism. This will effect your businesses ability to run smoothly and profitably. Workplace harassment training can help employees understand what behaviors and comments constitute workplace harassment and make them aware of the penalties attached in their indulging in such behaviors.

2. Workplace harassment training for managers and other officers of a company can provide them with suggestions of putting rules and regulations in place to prevent workplace harassment before it occurs as well as helping them develop strategies for dealing with such harassment when it does occur as well as helping them identify when harassment is taking place even if no complaints have been filed. This will help to provide a safe work environment for all employees and help protect the company from costly liability claims.

3. Workplace harassment training can provide your business with ways to implement a complaint process that will make it more comfortable and easier for those who are being harassed to discuss the problem as well as teach you how to conduct an investigation into harassment complaints in order to find out the truth of the matter and assure your workers that you take such complaints seriously and are dedicated to ending workplace harassment.

4. Employees who feel their complaints are being taken seriously are more likely to have a higher degree of trust in the company and worker satisfaction which results in their working harder and more efficiently due to increased company loyalty. By providing workplace harassment training for all employees you are showing each of your employees that you are aware that workplace harassment exists and that you and your company is doing everything they can to prevent such harassment and provide a work environment where employees feel safe.

5. Employers and businesses who do not take preventive measures to insure that workplace harassment does not occur or that it does not stop if it does occur can be held liable for the actions of their employees. Workplace harassment training can provide you with the laws regarding your liability and ways of preventing or minimizing your liability which can save your company and individual officers from huge fines and penalties.

By preventing workplace harassment or stopping it when it occurs your company can avoid huge fines and penalties while increasing efficiency in your workforce and increasing your companies profits.

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