The Difference Between Asbestos Awareness and a B Class License

Asbestos is a dangerous material. Just how dangerous it may be depends a great deal on your exposure to it. Workers in certain fields where asbestos was once used as a matter of course may come in contact with this material unexpectedly in the course of their work. In other cases, there are people who remove this material from businesses for a living.

So What are the Key Differences?

The type of Asbestos training you need depends a great deal on the risk this material will expose you too. That is why it is important to understand the difference between Asbestos awareness training and the more detailed Asbestos training for a B class license. This will explain the key differences between the two types of training.

Objectives Of Asbestos B Class Training

The first key difference in the two types of training is the objective of the training itself. The objective of the Asbestos training for a Class B license deals with actual asbestos removal. The people who take this training are people who know what bonded asbestos looks like and already have had some experience dealing with asbestos.

Asbestos awareness training does not deal with asbestos removal but rather keeping workers safe who may hold jobs where they may run into asbestos in the course of their work. This training is geared towards teaching workers how to recognize the presence of asbestos rather than removing it as a matter of course.

What Asbestos Awareness Training Focuses On

Asbestos awareness training focuses on a worker being able to recognize what asbestos material looks like, the likely place where it may be found in the course of their work, and what action they should take should they run into this material in terms of reducing their risks, reporting the asbestos etc.

This course’s main focus is on keeping workers from unknowingly subjecting themselves to the risk of asbestos exposure rather than focusing on the safe removal of the material.

What Asbestos Training For A B Class License Focuses On

Training for the B class license on the other hand focuses on the safe removal of the material by trained professionals. This training focuses on making sure that those actually dealing with asbestos removal knows how to control exposed asbestos material. Part of the training deals with how to minimize the risk of exposure to asbestos fibers, and ensuring that those taking the training know how to use the personal protection equipment that will help to minimize their exposure.

It should be remembered that Asbestos training for A B class license only deals with the removal of bonded asbestos materials such as fibro. Those wishing to remove unbonded asbestos will need to have training for an A class license.

Knowing which training course is right for you is not only necessary to be in compliance with the regulations dealing with this dangerous material but also in giving you the right training you need to reduce your risks and better perform your jobs.




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