What employees need to know about equal employment opportunity

All employees are required to understand what inappropriate workplace behaviours are, and how to avoid them. You need to understand your rights and responsibilities under the equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation and your obligation to treat everyone with respect and courtesy and without harassment. (more…)

Equal employment opportunity and the law

Various federal, state and territory laws say that it is against the law to discriminate against people, or treat them unfairly, in various areas of public life. One of these areas is employment. (more…)

What is Equal Employment Opportunity?

It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that everybody has equal employment opportunity and the workplace is free from discrimination. Every employee plays a significant role in ensuring the achievement of workplaces that are free of all forms of discrimination.

“When people experience their work environment as fair, flexible, safe and rewarding they’ll do a better job and have more job satisfaction.” Your workplace recognises that a workplace that is free from discrimination is essential in attracting and retrieving talented people from all backgrounds.

Equal Employment Opportunity or simply equal opportunity is about giving everybody a fair go. It is also about making sure that work places are free from discrimination, has fair work practices and behaviours. A diverse background of people and culture can bring an immense value to your work place.

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