AlertForce Launches NSW Food Safety Supervisor Training

Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training company, AlertForce, has recently launched online supervisor training that will enable participants to adhere to the new Food Authority laws that have recently been passed.


PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 07, 2011 – In light of the new NSW Food Authority laws, Food Safety Supervisor training is now mandatory for any business that handles or serves food. The deadline to receive this training is October 1st. Any food – serving business that fails to meet the deadline is subject to a $660 fine.

Since the training is online (, participants will be able to engage in the program at their own speed and convenience. The courses will be essential for anyone working in a business that delivers food in most states of Australia. Successful Participants will also receive a Food Safety Supervisor certificate from Access Group Training (NTIS 90867).

AlertForce’s complete FSS training is composed of two elements. The first component is the Accredited Food Supervisors Certificate (Implement food safety procedures), while the second component is the Accredited Food Handlers Certificate (Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures). These courses are delivered in commercial partnership by Access Group Training (NTIS 90867) who are on the NSW Food Authority approved list and issue government certificates.

“AlertForce’s food safety courses help you meet your food handling requirements with maximum ease at minimum cost. Now with these new laws it is imperative for food-serving businesses to receive our quality Food Safety training to avoid subsequent fines!” says Brendan Torazzi, AlertForce company founder.

Upon completion of the FSS training, participants will be receive their certificate in the mail, which they can then post to inform others that they are skilled in food handling and can manage other food handlers in commercial settings.

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AlertForce specialises in delivering fast, competency-based OHS training through interactive short online courses to mitigate risk and health and safety hazards in Australian workplaces.
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NSW Food Safety Laws and How to Stay Safe!

Minister for Primary Industry, Katrina Hodgkinson, claims that a new food-safety initiative would be strictly voluntarily. There is no way to ensure that it will always remain so. If a time comes when the “Scores on Doors” rating system, stops being voluntary, then employers will be happy to know that their staff, and their establishment has met all the high quality food-safety standards of their region through the food safety training they’ve received. “Scores on Doors” will be a voluntary program that would display food –safety ratings for patrons to view. Similar programs exist overseas but are typically mandatory.

Hodgkinson is determined to keep the program voluntary for now, in order to maintain transparency and openness. However, not all owners of food businesses are against the idea of it being a compulsory program. Some believe that making the rating system compulsory will ensure prevent businesses from pursuing unsavory practices in their food business.

The “Scores on Doors” rating system assigns each volunteer food business a five, four, or three-star rating based on food-safety inspection results. Each establishment will then be given a certificate to display their results for all patrons.
Compulsory ( “Scores on Doors”) programs throughout Europe and North America have shown success. Now, in many countries the results of safety inspections can be found online.

A possible solution to ensure high-quality food-safety standards is to compel all lower-rated businesses to undergo Food Safety Training until the safety rating of their businesses improve.

Or, rather than wait for the “Scores on Doors” program to be made mandatory; businesses who refuse to volunteer can undergo online Food Safety Training so that they understand and maintain high quality Food Safety..

Currently NSW is under a year-long trial for the volunteer “Scores on Doors” rating system.


Accredited Food Supervisors Certificate SITXFSA001A Implement food safety procedures includes SITXOHS002A
The course is suitable for supervisors who manage food-handling staff and is accepted food safety training by the relevant State Government Authorities. This course is delivered in conjunction with Access Group Training (NTIS 90867).

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