Site of Killed Man Had Safety Issues

A union had raised concerns regarding a Sydney work site two weeks prior to the death of a young man.

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) said work had stopped on the site where a 22-year-old man was killed on Saturday.

The Canadian backpacker succumbed to head and chest injuries which were a result of being hit by a number of metal beams during the demolition of a building in Australia Street in Camperdown.

CFMEU state secretary Brian Parker said union organiser Tony Sloane had stopped work on the site around Easter following raised concerns  about how the demolition work was being carried out.

“While the full circumstances of the death are still not known, we fear there have been shortcuts taken to demolish the building faster,” Mr Parker said.

“If that is the case and this young Canadian has lost his life to help boost some builder’s bottom line then it just magnifies the tragedy.

“What was meant to be the trip of a lifetime has instead cost this young man his life.

“We will do all we can to ensure the truth of what happened today is exposed.”

Mr Parker said more deaths were likely as WorkCover was sacking inspectors and closing branches across Sydney and regional NSW.

WorkCover is investigating and police will prepare a report for the coroner.

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OHS:Man’s Injury Blamed on Dock’s Poor Safety Standards

A man’s arm was seriously injured while working at a dock supplying Chevron’s large LNG project in Western Australia, according to the Maritime Union of Australia.

The MUA was rushed by air ambulance to Perth when his arm was crushed between the dock and a barge at the Mermaid Marine Supply base.

There have been conflicting reports as to the severity of the injury, with the Mermaid Marine spokesman claiming the the injury was to the wrist and was treated at the Nickol Bay Hospital in Karratha.

The spokesperson claims he is resting at home following the incident.

“The health and safety of our employees is paramount and all steps will be taken to ensure our employee makes a full and speedy recovery,” the company said.

“The incident is currently under investigation.”

MUA WA secretary Chris Cain remarked on  Chevron and its contractor’s poor safety record at the Mermaid Marine Supply base for months.

“It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Chevron and their contractors like Mermaid are cutting corners to make up time and money on the Gorgon project,” Mr Cain said.

The union said WorkSafe WA was advised of the level of poor training and management  and the accident was “inevitable”.

“We’ve got serious issues when the day after WorkSafe says there’s no problem, ambulances are called to an accident of the type exactly predicted by health and safety representatives,” Mr Cain said.

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Occupational Health and Safety Compensation Schemes May Merge

ohs trainingVictoria’s two worker’s accident compensation panels face a possible merger as the government attempts to reduce its deficit and fix its budget surplus.

Since the state’s finances are under heavy scrutiny, the government has inconspicuously asked the Essential Services Commission to conduct a thorough review of the WorkCover Authority and the Transport Accident Commission.

It is believed the review, which has yet to be publicly announced, is discussing combining the two entities, since both deal with accident prevention and compensation. The idea is that the merger could potentially save several millions of dollars.A spokesperson for Assistant Treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips said that currently there was no concrete plans to merge the two authorities, however the government could not pre-empt what might  be concluded in the review.

These discussions come after the government’s plans to strip WorkCover of almost $500 million to help keep the budget from falling into deficit. Opposition finance spokesperson Robin Scott spoke on the possibility of a merger as  “fundamental threat  to the integrity of both organisations”

Maurice Blackburn senior Lawyer John Cain said that merging the two agencies might not be a possible since both entities are governed by separate legislation. Cain said that the risk of merging them is that the quality of both schemes will suffer.


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The Benefits of OHS Training Online

While OHS training is mandatory it used to be that it was often difficult for companies and employees to get their training when they needed it. Having to travel to distant locations, over night stays, and other inconveniences often caused businesses to have to slow down or even shut down losing time and money so that training could be established. However, changes in technology and the way OHS training is provided makes getting that training easier, simpler, and more convenient for both employers and their employees. OHS training online has become the new way to study and this method of studying provides a wealth of benefits.

No More Waiting For Training Openings

Prior to OHS training courses being offered Online, there were only a certain number of places where training took place and only so many instructors to provide that training. This often meant that businesses and employees found themselves waiting until there were openings so they could get the mandatory training they needed. With online training there is no waiting since the courses can be taken by many different people in many different places and only one instructor is needed to supply that training. Best of all, it means that employees of the same business can take their training at different times of the day allowing shift production to smoothly continue without being interrupted for people to attend their training sessions.

Saves Travel Time And Money

By having the option of getting OHS training online companies and their employees save both travel time and money. No longer do people need to spend hours on the road, worry about overnight motel costs the cost of gas or eating out to get the training they need. Online training brings the training to each individual company and their employees saving the expense and frustration often caused by traveling to a distant location.

No Business Slow downs

Because the OHS training comes to the company there are no business slowdowns or stoppages from having to travel for a day or more of training. Each manager, owner, or employee can take their training and still be available to work their shift, and the business is never left short handed nor does it suffer a slow down while one area or another is off getting the training they need to comply with the regulations and guidelines. This helps the business to be more profitable and the employees to spend less time away from their families and other things they need to accomplish.

More Standardized Training

Online OHS training can actually help to standardize the training companies and employees get. With regular classroom set ups in order to keep up with the demand for training several instructors for each type of training were needed. This often meant that some companies got the best instructors while others got instructors who were not as experienced or good at their job. However, since online training means one instructor can train thousands of people at one time, companies who offer this training can pick the best instructor for the job and ensure that every training session is the best.

OHS training online is definitely a new way to study. It’s proving itself to be through, complete, convenient and the best options for many companies today allowing them to get the mandatory training quicker and easier while still serving to help create a safer and healthier working environment.

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