Owner Builder Course: For The Ultimate Do It Yourselfer

owner-builder-training-onlineAre you pretty handy with a hammer and nails? Have you always wanted to try your hand at building your own hunting retreat or buying that old house and fixing it up yourself? If so, the Owner Builder Course NSW was designed specifically for you.

The owner builder course is a requirement for those of you who live in NSW and want to build your own house or do renovation work costing more than $12,000. However, there is a lot of important information that you get from this course that will make your building project go much smoother.

In the Owner Builder Course NSW You will learn:

  • What licenses you need to apply
  • How to deal with hazardous waste
  • How to negotiate for the best deals on lumber and other items you need

And you also learn about hiring sub-contractors for installing electric, gas lines and other essential parts needed to make your home complete. Best of all you can complete most of the course online.

Building or renovating your home is the ultimate do it yourself project and the Owner Builder course gives you all the information you need to do the job well. Not only does this course cover the laws and regulations related to the building trade. But it will teach you how to plan your work, budget your time and read and understand building plans and specifications.

By the time you finish this course, you will have the information you need to tackle this once in a lifetime project and do it with confidence.

The owner builder course will make it possible for you to turn that dream into a reality and for many people it turns out to be one of the best experiences of their lives.

Even If You’re Not Planning To Build Or Renovate Your Own Home, This Course Can Save You Money

Even if you are not planning to actually build or renovate your home yourself, the owner builder course can save you a lot of money. Many construction companies get their building materials cheap and then mark them up for you, that cost added to the labor can really be significant. By taking this course, you can negotiate for the materials yourself, saving that extra money you are being charged.

Since construction companies bill you for all the work they do, you often end up paying labor costs for someone who is waiting in line to get the proper permits and licenses. By knowing what you need and getting them yourself you are only going to be paying the construction company for the actual time they spend working on your house not waiting in line.

So whether you have dreams of doing the work yourself or just a desire to save thousands of dollars in needless expense the owner builder course is just what you need to make it all happen. What’s even better is that you will be learning a lot of new and interesting things about building.


Should we take the Owner Builder Course NSW?

The idea of becoming an owner builder is received by many people with mixed reactions. Many simply think they can’t become good owner builders while others ignore the idea feeling that it’s such a daunting task.

The advantages and benefits of building your home are include cutting costs that would have been incurred in hiring the services of a builder and giving your home the desired finish. However, being an owner builder requires that you have an owner builder permit. Owner builder permits are only issued to trained owner builders and this means that you have to take an owner builder course NSW.

How Long is the Owner Builder Course

The owner builder course takes a few days to complete for you to be competent. The Owner Builder course can be done online or by attending classes. The first step towards getting your owner builder permit, is to find the best institutions that offer the kind of owner builders course you are looking for. It is wise to consult widely by sourcing information either from friends or simply scouring the internet. You will find out that some institutions offer different designs of Owner Builder courses that are geared towards simply to getting through whilst others make obtaining your Owner Builder Permit a pleasant experience. Just like building, it may not be wise to go for the cheapest Owner Builder Course as you may pay extra in other ways – for example time taking to complete or costly mistakes whilst managing a project. By making a list of your concerns and requirements, you will roughly understand the available options for you.

Getting Your NSW Owner Builder Course

Remember that to obtain a  Owner Builder NSW Permit, you have to complete training from an accredited registered training organization (Course Code 91509 NSW Course in Owner Builder Compliance). This simply means that before you enrol yourself on any owner builder course in any of the institution across the country; ensure that the institution is accredited to offer such kind of training. The Owner builder NSW course consists of five modules that have to be covered comprehensively for you to be deemed competent. If you are doing the course online, it is mandatory requirement by WorkCover NSW that you complete CPCCOHS1001A: Work Safely in the construction industry (White Card) in a face-to-face environment.

After getting your owner builder permit, seek construction permits from your local authorities to avoid any disturbances when the construction has kicked off. At this point, you can do research about the recommended construction materials and get them delivered to your building site. Ascertain that you have the right quality and quantity of the building materials. This is necessary in a bid to avoid building faulty structures. As a good owner builder, it’s also advisable that you make a cost breakdown on your construction expenses. This will guide you to avoid running into financial damages while you are still at your construction. It is also strongly advised relevant insurance before you start your owner builder project.

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