Human Resources: Harassment in the Workplace

When one hears talk of “bullying”, initial thoughts can automatically equate the word with elementary school, wedgies, and being picked on by the “bigger kid”. However, bullying is a very real reality for many people – adults included—and it is still every bit as wrong as it was in elementary school. The only difference is that the school has been swapped with an office building, or a factory, or any other kind of workplace. While wedgies may not be the norm, and your lunch money may not be at risk, bullying can be every bit  as demeaning as it was in school.

 What is Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying includes verbal, physical, psychological abuse conducting by a higher up office employee (or employer) or another person (s) at work. If you (or a fellow employee)  are constantly subjected to hurtful remark that demean you, your work,  or really any characteristic that you identify with; then it is considered workplace bullying. If you are a manager, not dealing with workplace bullying can cause your employees to be less active, less confident, depressed, and isolated.

It is important to receive the proper Human Resources training in order to ensure that your business maintains its Workplace Compliance requirements. Moreover, it is important for employees to receive the training to ensure the well-being of all employees which subsequently would ensure that performance stays on top.Managers who have received quality training will know how to identify and deal with bullying in the workplace. Having the quality knowledge from a Bully Prevention Training course will teach you or your employees how to look out for the signs of bullying so that it can be avoided all-together.

Other Forms of harassment in the workplace include; sexual harassment and discrimination.

Sexual Harassment can include any unwelcomed physical contact, overtly sexual comments, sex based insults as well as other  inappropriate and uncomfortable acts.
It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure the well-being of employees and thus, free of sexual harassment. Having the right training in sexual harassment can teach people to understand their rights and responsibilities as dictated by the equal opportunity and discrimination legislation.

Discrimination is another form of harassment in the workplace. Receiving the proper training would provide the knowledge needed to comprehend what inappropriate workplace behaviour is, and how to avoid it. Training in discrimination and equal employment opportunity (EEO) would ensure that employees are compliant with the anti-discrimination legislation, and would enable participants to receive a Certificate of Competency. Discrimination awareness will teach people to treat everyone with respect and without harassment.

If you or an employee initially does not like the job, then they definitely don’t want to be bullied  as well. Alertforce’s Compliance Certified Human Resource courses will teach participants how to identify, deal with, and essentially—prevent workplace harassment; while maintaining a productive workforce.

Sexual harassment in the workplace – it can happen out of work too

Some forms of sexual harassment, such as assault, physical molestation, stalking, sexual assault and indecent exposure are also criminal offences. The Anti-Discrimination Act provides that all kinds of sexual harassment are against the law regardless of where the sexual harassment happens. (more…)

David Jones to Settle Sexual Harassment Claim

David Jones Ltd. may have made a settlement offer to a former employee who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company, its board and former Chief Executive Officer Mark McInnes, the Sun-Herald reported today without saying where it got the information. (more…)

HP’s Mark Hurd resigns amid sexual harassment investigation

Mark Hurd is stepping down as CEO of Hewlett-Packard following an investigation into claims that he sexually harassed a former contractor to the company. (more…)

DJs Sexual Harassment Case – Who is the Victim?

The sexual harassment lawsuit against former DJs chief executive Mark McGuiness is raising eyebrows not only due to the scandalous nature of the story (which guaranteed it huge media coverage), but also the actions of the victim, Kristy Fraser-Kirk. (more…)

Sexual harassment awareness

Sexual harassment does not have to be repeated or continuous to be against the law. It can be a one-off incident. Certain conduct may only have to occur once to constitute sexual harassment. (more…)

What is sexual harassment?

It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that everybody in the workplace is free from sexual harassment. Every employee plays a significant role in ensuring the achievement of workplaces that are free of all forms of sexual harassment. (more…)

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