Load restraint – the vehicle owner’s responsibilities

What are the vehicle owner’s responsibilities for load restraint? Although the driver is responsible for the conduct of the vehicle, in many cases the owner can be responsible for the restraint of the load. As an owner, it is their responsibility to ensure that all employees, including any contractors used, abide by the rules of load restraint, as laid out in the Load Restraint Guide, and know what the Performance Standards mean.

They need to ensure all employees understand the characteristics of loads and why loads move. They should also schedule regular load restraint training (TLIA107C or TLID407C), and have the load restraint responsibilities of each position clearly defined within the position description.

As part of your company quality manual, the guidelines for load restraint should be detailed so that each member involved is fully aware of their responsibilities and actions.

Load restraint – what are the driver’s responsibilities?

Here are some of the load restraint responsibilities of both the driver and the operator.

As far as the courts are concerned, the driver is responsible in any incident as they are in control of the vehicle.  As a driver, you should ensure you and your manager share the same understanding of your responsibility in regard to load restraint. (more…)

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