constuction gear around a white cardAnyone wishing to work on a construction site including owner/builders need to obtain a White Card in order to set foot on a construction site. Getting the training necessary isn’t always easy especially if you’re working another job at the same time as seeking that training. Many employers simply are not going to give you time off from work while you do what you need to do to secure employment in another field. Which is just one of the reasons why you may want to seek your white card training online.

Ability To Take The Training On Your Own Time

Getting your online white card training from an accredited program can allow you to get the training you need on your own time. Because online training is offered seven days a week 24 hours a day you can take the training in your spare time thus avoiding missed work and jeopardizing your current job. You can choose to take your training early in the morning, late at night or at any time in between.

With classroom training you have to take the training according to when the training is actually scheduled. While there is nothing wrong with getting your training in a classroom setting, it can be difficult to match your free time to the time the training is offered. By taking advantage of online white card training this is not an issue.

No Travel Expense

Another benefit to getting your white card training online is that you don’t have any travel expense. Offline white card training is offered at specific locations which means that you may have to travel to get the training you need. With online white card training you can take your training from home, which means there is no travel expense added to the cost of the training. Which means that you can save money by taking your white card training online.

What Online White Card Training Entails

Online white card training entails the same training you would receive offline. This includes:

  • How to identify and reduce possible safety hazards on construction sites.
  • Learning how to establish safety procedures and see that they are followed.
  • Knowing the local laws and regulations

At the conclusion of the training you will be asked to demonstrate your competency and understanding of this basic training. You will then receive a temporary white card with which you can seek work on a construction site until your permanent card arrives. Please keep in mind, that any employer can require you to retake this training if he feels there is a need. The entire purpose of this training is to help reduce the number of serious accidents that occur on construction sites and provide a safer working environment for those who work in this field.

If you have held a white card (or green card) in the past, and have not worked in the construction industry for some time, you may want or be required to get white card training again. This is for your benefit as well as for the benefit of others on any work site where you might be employed. Online white card training is thorough and generally reasonably priced as well as convenient.