an example of good office ergonomicsIt may not seem like a big part of the work environment but how an office is laid out can make all the difference when it comes to efficiency in the work place. If your work environment is not ergonomically set up you can end up actually having some health problems not to mention a dip in attitude. If your office is laid out in a less than efficient way ergonomically speaking then you might experience frequent headaches, eyestrain, neck pain, back pain and even problems with your tendons due to the fact that you are frequently doing the same task over and over again (RSI). These problems might not be fatal but they can have a serious effect on your life by making your work day less productive and far less enjoyable.

In order to conquer health and attitude problems in the office, it’s well worth the costs involved to design work spaces in the office to be ergonomically friendly. There are training programs that teach individuals how to set up work stations in an efficient manner that are also comfortable and that can help prevent physical problems. You’ll feel more as if you are working at a second home instead of coming into that cramped little office where you struggle to grab at the tools you need to do your job, or suffer from headaches because you are staring into the screen too long, or at an unsafe distance.

What is involved in learning about office ergonomics? Due to case studies and design knowledge people have mastered the art of creating the most ergonomic office layouts. This means you’ll learn about adjusting the way your chair is situated, where the monitor is positioned relative to your seating, what kind of keyboard and mouse you have and where these are placed. Additional considerations include things like what kind of phone you have and where it is placed, kinds of computers you have, the height of your desks, and the adjustment of other office tools you would be using on a daily basis. A work station should be created with your posture and movement in mind. It’s much like how directors perform blocking for a movie; you have to carry out blocking for your work place and try to make it as efficient as possible. Do you stretch to grab your phone? Do you sit hunched over with your monitor where it is? Do you have to get up and walk across the room to grab your laptop or is it convenient positioned?

With the help of office ergonomics training, a known specialist, or just some good old fashioned trial and error you can improve your work station and make your day that much easier and enjoyable to get through. It’ll make you more productive and help you do a better job at work since you won’t have to struggle through headaches, sore and tired eyes and bad posture that leads to back and neck pain. If you are having these symptoms at work it’s definitely time for you to reassess your working space. The importance of office ergonomics can’t be stressed enough and improving your situation doesn’t take much effort.

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