Fire Safety TrainingA rail worker in Queensland has suffered severe and life threatening burns after a fellow worker decided to pour gasoline on him and set him ablaze.

The man charged has described the incident as ‘mucking about and horseplay’ but that horseplay caused serious bodily harm and left his 21-year-old workmate permanently scarred.

Neville Cifuentes has been charged for causing serious bodily harm and faced a three-year jail sentence. Cifuentes is up for parole next year.The incident occurred in 2008 but was only reported 2 years after the incident occurred.

Cifuentes apparently tricked his workmate into thinking he was going to burn something else and then set him on fire.The victim was engulfed inflames and fell to the ground where his other workmates ran to his aid.  The victim required extensive skin grafts and had to take antibiotics for various infections in his soft tissue.

The act has been described as ‘monumental stupidity’.

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