Just 13 per cent of Australians Have First Aid and CPR Training

St Johns Ambulance is reportedly disturbed at the findings of its report that shows just 13 per cent of Australian workers are trained in both first aid and CPR.

The report revealed that approximately 87 per cent of workplaces have failed to provide first aid training, despite the fact that first responders can dramatically change an injured person’s chance of survival.

St Johns claims that most Australian employers are simply uninformed of Safe Work Australia’s new Code of Practice for First Aid.

Retail businesses fared the worst, with just six per cent of workplaces with employees trained in first aid.

The best performing industry of the report was the education sector. This sector had approximately 21 per cent of workplaces  that met current first aid standards.

New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria were the top performing states, compared to Western Australia were less than nine per cent of workplaces met guidelines outlined in the new Code.

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Source: http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/article/2013/03/08/360778_news.html

First Aid Training: Saving Lives

First Aid Training: Saving Lives And The Quality Of Life In The Work Place And Beyond

You never know when the unexpected will happen. Every day at one place or another someone suffers a heart attack, takes a fall or suffers an unexpected accident while those around them call for help and stand there helpless until help comes. Sometimes, that help arrives too late and a person is dead, a family devastated and those who were there deal with the shock of watching someone they knew, loved or worked beside die while they stood helpless by. Had anyone had first aid training, the ending may have been different.

Workplace first aid training is a requirement and due to it being required lives are saved daily that may have otherwise been lost. While this training benefits those in the workplace and provides a safer environment this training reaches well beyond the doors and windows of that warehouse, office building or food service. It reaches into your homes and your neighborhoods.

Thanks to work required first aid training, many more people than ever before know what to do should an emergency situation arise and they do it. Skills people learned through a work related first aid class have been used to save lives in situations that are both surprising and unexpected from hiking accidents to natural disasters. Having someone on hand who knows what to do can mean the difference between life and death and complete recovery and paralysis or other conditions that lower the quality of life.

First Aid Training Doesn’t Have To Be Work Related

Although OHS requires first aid training for schools and work environments everyone is free to take these classes and prepare themselves for the unexpected. You simply need to have a desire to learn and have the time to take the course.

In many cases, courses are offered online and while these courses are considered basic, they can provide you with the information you need to deal with all sorts of emergency situations including:

  • performing CPR
  • bleeding and shock
  • traumatic injuries
  • poison and bites
  • shock
  • extreme temperatures
  • and more

Being prepare for emergencies can give you peace of mind, build confidence and prepare you for the unexpected. While it is always the hope that no one should ever need to use their first aid training it is good to know that you are prepared should the need arise. It is a wonderful way to help protect your family and your community.

First aid training may not interest everyone but, for those who are interested it is good to know that training is available at a reasonable price and that you can take it from the comfort of your own home or work site. The more people who have first aid training the less likely it will be that a situation arises where everyone stands helplessly by not knowing what to do should the unthinkable happen.




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