QLD Truck Drivers Better Protected

From the 1st of July 2010 news laws to protect truck drivers against the influence of speed will now be enforced. (more…)

Gossips/Slimy Weasels Under Fire

Self-made billionaire and stock trader Ray Dallio has updated his policy’s and procedure for his company Bridgewater Associated to firing anyone who has been overheard spreading malicious gossip three times about their colleagues .


David Jones CEO Steps Down After Inappropriate Behavior

David Jones, chief executive Mark McInnes has had to resign after allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a female staff member. (more…)

Offices Pay For Your World Cup Hangover

When Google integrated an online version of Pac-Man onto their website  the US alone lost $145 million dollars in one day. (more…)

Ecological, Disabled Friendly Taxi to Take Over NY

Melbourne RMIT University student Damian Lucaciu, has developed his concept design, Melbourne Taxi 2010 has been adapted to suit and change the iconic New York taxis. (more…)

Alcohol Solutions Raise Safety Issues

Alcoholics in the UK have found a new solution that has yet to be approved in their own country. (more…)

Why You Should Not Eat in Your Car

An excellent reason why you should not eat in your car.

Market/Homemade Food Council Crack Down

The Bundaberg Regional Council have been focusing on the regions homemade food and market food sellers. (more…)

Forklift Championships Heats Up

The National Forklift Championships (NFC) heats will be starting next month. (more…)

Doctors and Nurses Demand Crackdown on Assaults

Worksafe acting executive director for health and safety Stan Krpan has announced that Nurses have been identified as the most at risk of violence group in the workplace. (more…)

New Emergency Response Unit for Dangerous Goods By Sea Transport

A new self-contained mobile unit called the Cylinder Response Unit (CRU) has been organized for as quick response solution for sea transport emergencies. (more…)

Wasted Energy and Efficiency Cause Business to Lose Years of Productivity

IBM completed a study in the US, which looks at the price of wasted energy, lost productivity and operating costs. The study included 6,456 workers in 16 different cities. (more…)

MyFord Touch Infotainment: Driving Ecologically has Never Been so Easy

Car guru, Jeremy Clarkson once said “its not what you drive its how your drive it!”. (more…)

Computer Stress Syndrome Becoming Common

A news clip, on a new modern stress  called Computer Stress Syndrome.

Work Place Bullying Takes Distrubing New Twist

Bullying in the work place took a new twist when Dean Hutchinson was smacked with a 30cm piece of wood across the temple of his head. (more…)

Workers Walk of Job Due to Ration of Free Beer

Copenhagen workers went on strike mid-april when management changed the work place alcohol policy from being able to drink 3 beers to 1. (more…)

Perth’s Billionaire Opens Carbon Saving Restaurant in New York

Fertilizer plant billionaire and Perth socialite Pankaj and wife Radhika Oswal have opened a environmentally friendly, vegetarian restaurant called Otarian in New York and London. (more…)

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