Gas Explosion in Perth Building

office safety trainingA gas explosion in Perth has caused a building to completely evacuate. Luckily, workers in the building avoided serious injury despite the explosion causing furnature and office supplies to careen across the building.

According to reports, workers in the building smelled a strong scent of gas permeating throughout. The gas explosion was allegedly caused by an exploded hot water gas boiler.The explosion was powerful enough to cause cupboards and doors to blow off of their hinges, as employees narrowly escaped.Since the explosion was lower down in the building, workers were concerned that the explosion would have trapped them at the upper half of the building.

Staff was sent an email informing them to evacuate the premises upon the occurrence of the explosion.  The damage bill is estimated to reach $5000.Apparently, some workers were believed to under-estimating the seriousness of the explosion upon hearing  alarm. Luckily, wardens were able to evacuate the buildings occupants safely and efficiently.


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