David Jones CEO Steps Down After Inappropriate Behavior

David Jones, chief executive Mark McInnes has had to resign after allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a female staff member. (more…)

Offices Pay For Your World Cup Hangover

When Google integrated an online version of Pac-Man onto their website  the US alone lost $145 million dollars in one day. (more…)

Alcohol Solutions Raise Safety Issues

Alcoholics in the UK have found a new solution that has yet to be approved in their own country. (more…)

Alcohol Awareness Teacher Plead Guilty to Drink Driving

Susan Evans, a UK alcohol awareness teacher was arrested by the police when she was caught “weaving between lanes” when driving home from party. (more…)

Wasted Energy and Efficiency Cause Business to Lose Years of Productivity

IBM completed a study in the US, which looks at the price of wasted energy, lost productivity and operating costs. The study included 6,456 workers in 16 different cities. (more…)

Computer Stress Syndrome Becoming Common

A news clip, on a new modern stress  called Computer Stress Syndrome.

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